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Over 3200 People Aged 100 Years Or More Appear On ZEC's Voters' Roll - Report

Over 3200 People Aged 100 Years Or More Appear On ZEC's Voters' Roll - Report

An analysis of the voters’ roll conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has revealed that 3 253 people aged 100 years or more are appearing on the roll.

Eleven (11) of those are older than the oldest surviving person in the world on record, Japanese Kane Tanaka, who turned 119 on January 2.

ZEC chief elections officer (CEO) Utoile Silaigwana was not picking up calls for clarification.

A total of 3112 people are aged between 101 and 110 years while 130 are between 111 and 120.

Meanwhile, ZEC has been so far failed to explain voters roll anomalies identified by online pressure group Team Pachedu over the past weeks.

It claimed that the commission had redirected 170 000 voters from their registered polling stations to those outside their constituency and or wards, some as far as 100km apart.

Team Pachedu also highlighted questionable registration patterns including hundreds of residents of Chinotimba who share the same house voting in different wards.

ZEC dismissed the allegations as malice.

Team Pachedu, in an update, claimed that ZEC was rectifying the anomalies in secrecy. Said the pressure group:

ZEC is secretly correcting the issues that we raised and this shows that we are raising genuine concerns.

Team Pachedu called upon auditors, statisticians, database administrators, data scientists and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that deal with elections to also independently audit the voters’ roll.

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Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

One wacho ndi Tapiwa Mboko😂😂😂

cute 3 months ago

even mukomo is o the list

Misdemenour Kid 3 months ago

@factors, how did you ascertain that, uri holo mfana ntinji yamai ako, iwe uriwe waka register ID yasekuru vako kuvhura a GHOST ecocash acc nxaaaa


JC Form IV 3 months ago

Can you please check the following:-

1. Hapana here ma5 year old pa Voters Roll?

2. How many voters are registered in UMP (Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe aka Uzumba Maramba Kufunga) AND Chiredzi. Tally these against madomasi nenzimbe dzakavhotera mukuru in 2018


Chiredzi 3 months ago

Chokwadi Chiredzi tainzwa ma70 000 dzimwe idzimbe dzakavhota

Byo CCC 3 months ago

Baba Bona appears on UMP!

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 3 months ago

Checked my name I still appear ! Ready for by-elections .I dnt trust these Zanu PF ass-licking organisations

Yellow 3 months ago

Pliz zec siyanai nenyaya yerigging hazvitibatsiri senyika hamunawo kana tsitsinekuyaura kwaita vana vezim here veduweee

Coole 3 months ago

Mngwangwagwa hokoyo yizimoko zodwa ,By -Elections on the corner
It's no room ZANU pf this tym
Viva CCC😀😀😀👊👊👊👊 I smell yellow,feel yellow,zoom yellow

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 3 months ago

Teachers shld start marking ngeYellow ink, Nurses too write ngeYellow ink

Make a statement
I doubt ther is a rule that says only red ink is for marking

3 months ago

Maravaza 3 months ago

Zec ...yilapho okuphekwa khona impumela zokhetho, ungadlali wena

factos 3 months ago

surprisingly my grand father who died in 1985 is still on voters roll


Cable Guy 3 months ago

This is so sad

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