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Over 20 000 Girls Have Dropped Out Of School Since 2020 - Report

Over 20 000 Girls Have Dropped Out Of School Since 2020 - Report

The Family Aids Caring Trust Zimbabwe (FACT) recently reported that over 20 000 girls have dropped out of school since 2020.

FACT said areas such as Chipinge, Makoni, Mutasa, Buhera, Gutu and Mutare were the worst affected.

FACT also observed that the majority of these children are from poor and marginalised families indicating that the poverty cycle could be difficult to break as education could give them a fighting chance.

A United Nations report showed that illiteracy levels were high among children sitting at the lower end of the social strata, which translates into limited or no growth opportunities. Unicef said:

With widespread school closures and other disruptions to the education system brought about by the pandemic, the learning crisis has escalated to new heights. While the number of out of school children had already started to climb for the first time in 20 years, in 2020 by all accounts the increase began accelerating.

The findings indicate that wealth is the strongest predator, as children in the poorest quintile have 16% point lower likelihood of having foundational reading skills than children from the wealthiest quintile.

NewsDay Zimbabwe editorial says the trend will create social outcasts such as thieves, robbers and murderers.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently said there shall be free basic education in 2023, a pledge dismissed by teachers say is a “hopeless campaign gimmick.”

More: NewsDay Zimbabwe

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stallion 1 month ago

vatova mamai emusha vamwe gave muroad next thing is to vote for your. Life destroyer back to power , Vari kundotora zvitupa zvekuti vavhotere musangano kkkkkk nhamo naman'a hazvisiyani

Cable Guy 1 month ago

Zimbabwe has serious issues mmmmmhhhhh

stallion 1 month ago

Mwari burukirayi munyika yokwedu 1 month ago

Tarie huya kuno

Tarie 1 month ago

l will be there very soon


Tarie 1 month ago

hapana chekumirira apa. neniwo ndodakutotsvaka wekuteverawo nekuty kuroorwa better

mzukuru 1 month ago

@Tarie wakasvika O level or Alevel ndikuda musikana kuVIP section yangu its a lodge i operate it in Hre and Mash central so t will be my pleasure if i can take you for orientation with other 4girls who are art of my staff give me your number tooona kuti todii,we also do Training of staff on short courses incollaboration with Government standards under ministry of tourism and hospitality

Simplo 1 month ago

Uri hwai

Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

Cry my beloved country that is in Chao's the ppl are suffering and still are to suffer more

Pinga the Great 1 month ago

Iwe mahorror kuisa macomments kahobho chii nhai just press kaOne

Maravaza 1 month ago

What about the number of boys who have dropped out of school? The society only cares for the girl child. Yet urban areas are flooded with male street kids, some are even venturing into the dangerous artisanal mining.

Hameno 1 month ago

Kana munhu achisenda so many messages kuratidza kut zvekuita hauna sure

Dako raED 1 month ago

Madhara akunyanya ku**** vana ava vakunakirwa ne**** ndosaka vakuzviita vana amai zve fazhy hazvisisina kana basa


Haiwawo vasikana vacho vanodisa zvinhu

Mahorror 1 month ago

ma1 chaiwo

concerned 1 month ago

zvakaoma inyikayacho

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