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Over 10 500 People Sign Petition To Have Passion Java Deported From The USA

Over 10 500 People Sign Petition To Have Passion Java Deported From The USA

Over 10 500 people have signed an online petition addressed to America’s Vice President Kamala Harris calling on her government to deport flamboyant self-styled prophet Passion Java.

Started Thursday by former MDC Alliance councillor Godfrey Kurauone, the petition has a target of 15 000.

It is also addressed to Senators:  Cory A. Booker, Tim Kaine, Bernie Sanders, Charles E. Schumer, Joe Manchin III, Richard Blumenthal, Michael F. Bennet, Tammy Baldwin, Mitch McConnell, and Representative Nancy Pelosi.

The petition describes Java as a supporter of the ruling ZANU PF which is accused of “killing citizens, violating fundamental rights and stealing national resources.” Reads the petition:

While this (human rights violations) is happening, Panganai Passion Java, a self-proclaimed prophet, enjoys permanent resident status in the USA while he goes back to Zimbabwe to actively support a regime that is killing citizens, violating fundamental rights and stealing national resources. He uses State resources to move around the country buying votes for Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The State Department of the United States has through it’s Secretary of State has the power to begin the process of revoking Mr. Passion Java’s permanent resident status. The USA policy is to support freedom, democracy and prosperity for the people of Zimbabwe and to this end has imposed restrictive measures on individuals who aide human rights violations and undermine democracy in Zimbabwe. Mr. Java is one such culprit and should be sanctioned and barred from coming to the USA and his accounts frozen.

Java stays in America but has recently been in Zimbabwe where he is using his Passion Java Records and proximity to dance-hall artists to campaign for President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of 2023 harmonised elections.

Meanwhile, Prince Muwandi one of Java’s supporters has launched another petition in support of the prophet titled, “Appreciation of the good works done by Prophet Passion.”

The petition says Passion Java does Charity work, encouraging the youth to stop drugs, to work, conduct projects, promote the music industry, preach the Gospel and support good works done by president Mnangagwa.

The United States has in the past sanctioned individuals and organisations believed to be aiding the ruling party.

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2 months ago

Actor Giften 2 months ago

😅😅😅 pangi dzoka tigare kumba

LaSilva@ KC 2 months ago

Java ngaadzoke paden

Nkust 2 months ago

Ko sei varikuti ku dhipotiwa kwa java chinhu chakaipa handiti anenge achihi enda unigara unogara kunyika kwako here kune huchi nemukaka ko chakaipa chii asi pane zvamoziva ne Zimbabwe

▪️ 2 months ago

Ndokurwadziwa zvisina basa uku, manje mukaita beef naPassion munofa neBP, mukarwadziwa naye hamupore, tsvagai yenyu mari muite zvamunoda nayo, yadii mari yemwana wekwaJava, madakumuudzira zvekuishandisa kkkkkkkk muchenjere kubuda usiku

Nelson Chamisa Mbooro 2 months ago

I don't see any solid reason he should be deported. Yes i don't like him but this just feels like jealousy motivated...zvino hakusisina freedom of supporting political party yawada here?.. what is Passions crime here? Dai pawanikwa a direct influence of Java to the death of citizens maybe. This means no one should support Zanu which is wrong in a democratic environment..i smell a rat here.

Coole 2 months ago

Ayi Sukaaa! MZANU


Roki 2 months ago

"Dzoka, dzoka... dzoka mudiwa
Unodzoka here mudiwa..
Dzoka, dzoka... dzoka mudiwa
Unodzoka here Panganai?

Dzoka, dzoka, dzoka..."

(With apologies to Pauline- sorry for plagiarising your song, but it's apt for Panganai Java)

Moyo Muti 2 months ago

Ngaadzoke chimufana chaSatan icho ari kudzosera Nyika kumas**** naED wake

. 2 months ago

He needs to be deported for him to understand well the situation back here and to be part of it.

Kobus 2 months ago

This is what we do amazimbo kudonhedzana chete chete development deng .What will we benefit even akadzoswa kumba Panga dololo ,he will come and conger more than what he did now .

Patriotic One 2 months ago

Why is the maximum number of people who should sign the petition keep changing, first it was said it should be 10000 and now that it's above 10000 it's now said it should be 15000?

Wamambo90 2 months ago

Uyu ngaadzoke zvake ndakatomumirira pa airpot idutye remunhu.I miss boss G vaisatubwida zvinoita mfana uyu anosvota ndivo vapfanha vaitaurwa kt vanouraya bhasikoro rechange

Bright 2 months ago

Zvinoenderana kti Ari kuba Mari yenyika her that's why akarova ana Tagwirei ma sanction acho zvekti uri we zanu or uku campainer under zanu izvo umm ko vese vakuita zve zanu vakudii kuva dzosa

Yvt 2 months ago

Panganai Java should be deported. Ngaadzoke kuno.

ceepy 2 months ago

nkaadzoke mkomana

Edward 2 months ago

Come come Panganai tidye mavheji

Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

Ngaauye sure mumupewo Changan bag

panganai 2 months ago

dzoka kanyi tirime pangi

Ginious 2 months ago

Ngadzoke hake mukomana.pangi dzokadzoka

. 2 months ago




Mface waFadzai Mahere 2 months ago

Panganai must be deported

Ngwene 2 months ago

So ZANU PF suspensions were true....kuti it's the opposition which lobe for sanctions

Hameno 2 months ago

Yes it's true wedzerwai stereki

Tang. Ku 2 months ago

Panganayi ndakamumaka than the 😈 devil ngaadepotwe very soon

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Panganai deserves this. Hatidi vanhu vanotora KAKO yavanhu for granted. I pray that this pertition be granted. Ana Java maRunners evakuru aya that is why those that are "targeted" by sanctions are not feeling it. It is because of people like ana Java, Branson and the like.
Vanhu chaivo who are not used to run around like ana Magaya (maybe they had their time during Dr Amai's era) vari kutohereretswa nehurument iyi.

2 months ago

Hhhhhhhh 2 months ago

Tinotenda America...... Panganayi chibvayi mamurova nesanction

zimboy 2 months ago

he needs to be deported and sanctioned****sungata ichii

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