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Outcome Of Government And Workers' Meeting On Salaries

Outcome Of Government And Workers' Meeting On Salaries

The  National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC), which comprises Government and civil servants’ representative body, the Apex Council met on the 14th of January 2022 over workers’ salaries.

Workers have for the past two years been pressing the government to restore their 2018 salaries that were denominated in United States Dollars.

They argue that inflation that has continued unabated eroded their salaries hence the need to restore their 2018 salaries that were around US$500 for teachers. They currently earn an equivalent of about US$100.

The recent meeting agreed that the workers’ grievances were genuine hence the need to address the request to find a long-lasting solution to the salary issue as an urgent matter. Pindula News presents an update on the NJNC meeting:

The much-awaited NJNC first meeting of 2022 finally took place today. The meeting which happened against the backdrop of Government having pledged to pay the USD 75 COVID -19 allowance In hard currency saw the workers request that Government concede to their long-standing demand to pay their salaries USD. In light of the above, the Government team appreciated the workers’ reasons for sticking to their position of a non-inflationary and sustainable solution to the salary circus, upon which they asked for time out to consult with their principals. It was also agreed that this was an urgent matter and that the NJNC reconvenes In the shortest time possible.

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