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Our People Want Change They Can Trust - MDC Alliance

Our People Want Change They Can Trust - MDC Alliance

Opposition MDC-T led by Senator Douglas Mwonzora has said feedback from the electorate suggests that the citizenry wants the change it can trust. In a statement, seen by Pindula News, MDC Alliance Secretary-General, Paurina Mpariwa speaks on the party’s preparedness for the by-elections scheduled for the 26th of this month. We present the statement below: 

MDC Alliance preparedness for March 26 by elections

As all of you are aware, Zimbabwe will be having by-elections on March 26, 2022. I am very pleased that we have managed to field candidates in almost all vacant positions. Where we failed to, it was due to matters beyond our control and we took notes as we prepare for the 2023 General Elections. I am also delighted that we have managed to field more women candidates than our rivals for these elections. This is a fitting tribute to our female candidates during this Women’s Month, whose theme is “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.”

We deliberately chose a grassroots centred campaign strategy for these by-elections. Our leaders led by President Douglas Mwonzora have been traversing across the country engaging directly with our party faithful. We are a labour backed and people-centred party and it is very important that each and every member, and those wishing to join us, are free to engage with our leaders in an intimate manner. This strategy has also given our leaders an opportunity to dispel rumours and innuendos peddled by our rivals on social media and other fora.

The feedback from the grassroot engagement is unanimously clear. Our people want change they can trust. Our people want a Zimbabwe where their savings and pensions are secure. Our people want quality and accessible education and health care. Our people yearn for dignified jobs and those working want incomes that can sustain them and their families. Our people want a fair justice system in Zimbabwe. Our people want unconditional justice and compensation for all victims of atrocities committed from Gukurahundi, 2008 election violence, Operation Murambatsvina, victims’ of 2018 election violence and many other tragedies brought upon our people because of their beliefs and yearning for a fully free Zimbabwe. Our people want full and unconditional implementation of the Mothlante Commission. Our people yearn for a day when they can vole and fully trust the outcome of the vote because the institutions will be fully independent. We are the only party that can deliver what our people yearn for.

Our message of hope, dialogue and unity of purpose has been positively received. I want to take this opportunity to invite you all to our MDC Alliance Star Rally on 13 March 2022 at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare. President Mwonzora will be the keynote speaker and will be accompanied by other Alliance principals. This is going to be a festive event and I urge you all to restrain yourselves when provoked by misguided elements. We are a peaceful party and our history speaks for itself.

Aluta Continua

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