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"Our Natural Resources Will Be Stolen By The East And The West," Warns Malawi President Chakwera

The current President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera has said that Africa risks being plundered of its natural resources by the East and the West.

He was speaking at the 42nd Sadc summit this week in Kinshasa, DRC. The event was held under the theme, “Promoting Industrialisation through agro-processing, mineral beneficiation, and regional value chains for inclusive and resilient economic growth”.

Said Chakwera:

We must defend what is ours and make sure that no one takes from us what is ours. If the world wants what we have, they must buy it in a fair trade so that we can use the proceeds to build ourselves new cities, new universities, new infrastructure, new industries, and new programmes that will lift our people out of poverty and meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities.

With the resources we have, we refuse to be anyone’s beggar, and with the unity we have, we must refuse to let anyone steal from us or use us to steal from our own people or each other. The plunder that we have allowed the West to conduct here in the DRC is a sin we need to repent of, resolve, and refuse to see repeated anywhere else in our region. So let’s show and tell the world with one voice that Africa is open for business, but it is not for sale.

Our collaboration in repelling outbreaks of conflict in pockets of our region, and our strengthening of ties of member states will usher in a new era of solidarity and brotherhood. We are adding value to those who preceded us.

It takes only Africans to build the African continent and no foreigners will develop the continent. When they give us money it cannot help us build our roads, and in the past, they have only fuelled tensions.

There is no one outside Africa who is coming to build Africa the way we want it to be built, not the Americans, not the Europeans, not the Asians. We must leverage our natural resources, which if we are not careful will be stolen by ‘forces’ from the East and the West

Chakwera is the outgoing chairperson of SADC. The incoming chairperson is DRC President Felix Tshisekedi. The chairperson position rotates on a yearly basis among the 16 member states.

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User 1 month ago

Kuno China yakatopedza ma sports

.. 1 month ago

Well said

Vampie 1 month ago

hiz saying this today. yesterday wen he was in power ws beasy enriching himself.lord sho mercy upon these merciless sours

Vampie 1 month ago

mixed feelings though the other side of the story iz that they du the opposite of wat they say

Sekuru zvambua 1 month ago

You dont even know what you are talking about aai chakwera ave out of power

g 1 month ago

ataura hake zvine musoro asi iye imbavha futi. very corrupt, kuzadza cabinet nefamily yake. kuzadza ndege kuenda Kuma foreign trips nemhuri yake vakuwasha , vazukuru , etc. we should change this type of leadership because hapana kwatiri kuenda nemadhara aya

saikorojist 1 month ago

I'm proud of this man to realize this, YOU ARE THE MAN SIR

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Lazie mzaya, uri kubhuya woga. Kuno taka pedzegwa kare nema yero bhoni eku mabvazuva


1 month ago

We must not let anyone use us to steal from our own people. Open for business, but not for sale. Very wise words!

Doug 1 month ago

Not let anyone use us to steal from our own people. Open for business, but not for sale. Very wise words!

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Kuno it's China china China.

dispenser 1 month ago

look east policy .Hanzi tivakire mudhuri wogominer kusvika waneta

g 1 month ago

nhai Hama dzangu bail application yana wiwa yakazonziiko musi wa 16

pk 1 month ago

2023 vanenge vachiriko

bvananguy 1 month ago

talking about developing a country, Chakwera should not forget the fact that even if Britain colonised Malawi they also developed it, unlike a certain race from the far east who blatantly loot resources with impunity, kikikikiki.

ZUPCO 1 month ago

As if it's not happening already.....It started pa colonisation.....even the so called independence we have...they still stealing from us....they jus changed the tactics......Am really surprised this mf thinks he said something we don't know already smh

Sir African 1 month ago

look at towns like Zvishavane and Kwekwe they were built from resource in their location yet diamond from Chiadzwa brought nothing but suffering and bins made from drums.The government allowed their look East friends to loot with the help of Mbada Diamond, Army,CIO ,Prison Services and Police.

gogodera 1 month ago

nhamo tadzwa nayo

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

He is the only African President to be in the white house 😂 housed by the same...

Rus Trio 1 month ago

wise words

flames 1 month ago

let's this sink in people's minds that when the West developed or develop Africa, they did it and will do so for it to be good for their fellows who resided n hope to reside.Nothing is given for free from mankind on this planet, there are always strings attached.

Tateguru 1 month ago

His Excellency was too coward to just say THE EAST

caiphus 1 month ago

zimbabwe , , , , , , , zhong tong apedza chrome nenzira yekwamutare iyiiii

gogodera 1 month ago

ivhu ivhu tichingodzwa nenhamo

chipembere 1 month ago

my are some come disappearing

chipembere 1 month ago

wy are some comments not appearing

gaatengwende 1 month ago

thus unfair

Lovemore 1 month ago

u have alot to learn from Zambia u put on very expensive suits drive very poshi carsmalawi an poor nation.

😔 1 month ago

The African lesders' Blue eyed boy is robbing us of our natural resources in exchange of trinkets and guns for crowing the masses. CHINA 🇨🇳 is the big curse in Africa. They are looting big time with the acknowledgement of our gullible leaders

Revelation 1 month ago

China and America are the same.. right now China is looting our resources while America is looting oil from Iraqi and Syria

Revelation 1 month ago

Look east policy was good but we just looked at the wrong partners from the east 😁

kirk 1 month ago

Better kutorerwa nemaChina than maEuropean 🤌

Awe 1 month ago

Guys this man speaks good english than compared to ED

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