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Oscar Pambuka's Wife, Nyasha Makota Files For Divorce

Oscar Pambuka's Wife, Nyasha Makota Files For Divorce

Former ZBC-TV news presenter Oscar Pambuka’s nine-year marriage is on the rocks after his wife, Nyasha Pambuka nee Makota, filed for divorce.

The couple’s marriage was solemnised on 21 June 2013, in terms of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11.

In her summons for divorce, Nyasha claims their marriage had no prospects of them getting back together.

She is applying for a decree of their divorce, an order of maintenance for her two minor children and their custody. She said:

The defendant (Oscar is required) to pay a monthly contribution of US$100 per child and continue paying school fees for both minor children.

An order for custody, in favour of the applicant (Nyasha), with Oscar having access during weekends from Friday 1600hrs to Sunday 1200hrs.

Nyasha reveals that she and Oscar have been separated for over a year and that she has lost love and affection for the self-styled prophet.

This is the second time that Nysha is pushing for a divorce after initially summoning Oscar in 2019.

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Shamah 1 month ago

akanyeperwa nechikomba kuti ramba murume ndokuchengeta💔

nyasha pambuka 1 month ago

haaaa mayaa handichadi ndakaiswa nhwindi ndikaona kuti wakasara mahwindi ndizvoo vana vese avo 2 havasi vako oscar ndevemahwindi umwe kwa zicco umwe mbare

oscar ex 1 month ago

Haaaa Mwana ainaka zvake iyeyu bt todzokerana xar coz wandinaye uyu anoda nhete chete

R.G Mugabe 1 month ago

Huya kuno kwaZvimba hako Nyasha, Oscar haachapambuke uyu akatomhara 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

nyasha pambuka 1 month ago

ndakawana anondinyudza yese kusvikambutu yadhamba

Big Ronnie 1 month ago

Vakadzi maCIO haagarike nawo

shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

taura hako ....


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Anywhere around the globe, the only **** peolpe in love are those that people look up to, celebrities etc.

why 🤔 because they love money and they believe money can buy love n its the reason they divorce not only once ncch ka life sooh mmn tyt, those rich in mind are swiming in poverty coz they living along creation lines meaning JAH JAH made them for a purpose they pose ☝🏽❤

cute 1 month ago

bvuma kurambwa uroore mumwe

Oscar Pambuka 1 month ago


Oscar Pambuka 1 month ago

ndarambwabshaaa. Hapana ma babe here kuchurch yako indipe 1 weku roora

chanzy 1 month ago

kkkkk pakaipa

Digo 1 month ago

Wakatowana anomushuta beans ka dzidza kuna Marry ungapasavo chisikana kkkkkkk

Gogodera 1 month ago

Marry akazvipwa nambuya vake

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