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Oscar Pambuka Convicted Of Fraud

Oscar Pambuka Convicted Of Fraud

Former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) television presenter Oscar Pambuka and his two colleagues were on Wednesday convicted on charges of attempting to defraud a Harare-based transporter of R36 000.

Pambuka, Elmore Mwenye, and Ngonidzashe Mbauya, who is in the transport business, were convicted when they appeared at the Mbare Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 18 January.

Pambuka, working in cahoots with his colleagues, misrepresented to Gibson Mazhangara, who runs Gimatar Logistics, that he was Mr. Chingwena, Croco Motors director, and wanted advance money to pay for shipment of his motor spare parts in South Africa.

The trio was convicted on fraud charges.

Prosecutor Vimbai Makamure told the court that on 15 November 2022, Pambuka, who was masquerading as Croco Motors’ marketing manager and representing Mr Chingwena, called Mr Mazhangara using a South African number.

He claimed that Chingwena was engaged in a meeting and they wanted R36 000 as an advance payment for shipping spare parts from South Africa.

The court heard that Pambuka then asked Mazhangara to deposit the money into J Velem Enterprises trading as Ulphostery Trading’s FNB Bank account in South Africa.

He also told Mazhangira that he would receive the equivalent of R36 000 in United States dollars in the country.

Mazhangira became suspicious and went to confirm with Croco Motors who indicated that they had no containers of spare parts in South Africa waiting for shipment.

He then reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Pambuka, Mbauya and Mwenye.

Mbare magistrate Nyasha Vitorini remanded them in custody to tomorrow for sentencing. | The Herald

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binocular 1 week ago

yaa mbavha dzakawanda munyika muno

Big Dhara Munhu Mukuru 1 week ago

The News read by OSCAR PAAAAAMBUKA.... Harare ndasungwaaaaaaa. And Finally Cricket Zimbabwe beat Ireland in the first ODI Match.


oskido 1 week ago

ndakazobyza pakuzoti croco apa haa ma1

Dispenser 1 week ago

Akatumira mari may spare parts a karega kuuya. Machina ane ma Nike, Adidas avowo wani. What about Pambuka akati yes its true they have their own small enterprise in e name of Kroko motors instead of crocco motors..

Dispatcher 1 week ago

Now Oscar you are going to jail without even spending the money, but nice try, the only problem you tried to dupe a clever old man.

Holy Ten lite 1 week ago

Give him community service a cleaner pa mbare the place is dirty.

1 week ago

This Pambuka guy is a real fraudster It's not the first he has appeared in court Vakambodya mari yeZesa futi after 'doing' some dubious public relations work for the company Akamboti ava 'prophet Pambuka' futi after having worked for a very popular man of God in Harare


1 week ago

The prophet..... Uyu azozvinyanya

osika 1 week ago

pambuka wanetsa

g 1 week ago

ndipeiwo number dzanyasha oskido zvaendwa😂😂😂😂😂😂

1 week ago

Vakarambana vayee

1 week ago

Oscar ndiye fti ka uya wekuita imwe fti ka uyu neumwe wezanu so

osca agara imbavha 1 week ago

haabve mumakoti nehutsotsi akange akutora ma video kwa madzibaba Mateo kubudiriro 2

Aratijiyesi 1 week ago

Oscar anyanya kkkkkk

Blue💙 says 1 week ago


Fire🔥 1 week ago


Percy Zimoyo 1 week ago

Mwanangu Oscar. Kudenga kuna Mwari.

g 1 week ago

sentence yacho yazonziiko

Bush 1 week ago

Atobatirwa imwe uyo high court yarasa appeal yake paFraud yekutanga yaaifanirwa kusaver 2and half years plus iyi obvious achatora kuzvi 4 years ari mukati .Ndiye murume waNyasha here uya anoverenga nhau zvomwisa mvura

σѕcα pαmвukα 1 week ago

muѕαnчєpєrwє guчѕ ndαвudα íní ndαzσpα lσα $100 uѕ

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