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"Opposition Should Apply Pressure For Electoral Reforms," ZESN

An official of the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network (ZESN) has said that the opposition needs to find types of political pressure that yield reforms ahead of the 2023 elections.

The official, Ian Goredema, was speaking at a SAPES Trust discussion in Harare titled “An Internationally Acceptable Election in Zimbabwe: Is This Possible in the Current Political Context.”

Said Goredema:

The things required for the government to play ball are electoral reforms. The burden lies squarely on the opposition to determine the type of political pressure they are able to come up with.

Civil Society researcher, Phillan Zamchiya, said that key ingredients required for the holding of free and fair elections are missing, such as a way to keep in check the role of the security services and traditional leaders.

Said Zamchiya:

There have been complaints about the conduct of critical stakeholders like the security services and their role in politics. 

Unfortunately, one of the key ingredients which was going to help change the conduct of the security services is what the Constitution in its wisdom had suggested, which is the setting up on an independent complaints mechanism which allows citizens to lodge a complaint against the security services conduct whenever they feel aggrieved to moderate their role in elections.

The role of traditional leaders has not necessarily been helpful in strengthening the integrity of electoral processes and rightly play a partisan role in the manner they involve themselves in elections, which is sad.

ZESN is a group of 37 non-governmental organisations working to promote democratic elections in Zimbabwe.

SAPES Trust is an NGO founded and headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, whose stated objective is to promote social science research, debate, teaching and publications in Southern Africa. SAPES is led by academic, author and former media entrepreneur, Ibbo Mandaza.

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Svinura opore. 1 month ago

Traditional leaders were part n parcel of the liberation war. How do you seperate them from Zanu PF?
In the same vein ZCTU is part n parcel of opposition politics.

Zimcitizen 1 month ago

Iwe svinura upore, traditional leaders have always been aligned to the ruling oppressors. They supported Smith, now they are Zanu Pf stooges.

Gwedu 1 month ago

Pindula makavata nhasi..ko News

cde wirebrush 1 month ago

and what does the Constitution say with regards to traditional leaders and politics

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

When I hear the name Ibbo Mandaza I start to vommit...he is full of ****...

Dred 1 month ago

@CJS you have a problem with Mandaza cause he hs different views frm those of ZANU. You want ZANU sympathisers, mdid wakho

@c.j.s 1 month ago

Your verbal diarrhea stinks like a dead rat 🐀 😂

freedom highjacked 1 month ago

yes that is the issue of reforms ; to separate government institutions from political parties and partisan politics in order to bring in proffessionalism .As a matter of fact every body participated in the liberation struggle one way or the other , and it is not the Monopoly of one political party as it is now . every one suffered loss in the liberation is not possible that we all had to go to Mocambique or Zambia , some remained to work and produce food necessary to feed the fighters.We need to be freed from this war propaganda that only the ruling elite fought for the country, and yes history must be true and not false.Aluta continua .

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

To me, there should be no election without reforms coz there shall always be disputes that cause the hate Zimbabweans have for each other now...

Owk 1 month ago


Zvimbazi 1 month ago



pk 1 month ago

no amount of pressure will bring those so called electoral reforms. Tsvangison akazama nzira dzose zvakaramba. he even tried from within as prime minister but result was zero zero. still still zanu pf yacho haidyike, inenge sewage chaiyo

Klux kk 1 month ago

You have hit the nail on the head. ZANU pf is sewage.

Fari 1 month ago

Kkkkkkkkk inenge sewage nhaika 😂😂😂

Sleeping on duty 1 month ago

The opposition had all the time and space during the GNU. They joined the gravy train and forgot all about reforms.
They couldn't do it from within and they now expect to do it from outside???

onewhoissent 1 month ago

Almighty God is not fooled by whatsoever man can do in his wisdom.. and ALL things are possible with God. Pharaoh in his wisdom suppressed the israelites for a good 400 years until enough was enough for god sent one man not a legion to free the captured in Egypt. time is coming and it is now for that one man.

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Bvisai zanu moita reforms. Simple

Sir Afican 1 month ago

Chamisa need a new strategy than waste time on peripheral isues.Clog the courts especially the concourt with every perserved electoral application thanbto go into elections without reforms.


Opposition political parties are dealing with a criminal government which wants to make these reforms at the last moment so that opposition political parties do not benefit from them.

What I am saying is that POLAD and ZEC forwarded their reform recommendations long back to parliament, but parliament is sitting on them deliberately.

Opposition political parties must gang up against the ruling party, ZANU PF, so that their implementation is done in time so that everyone acclimatises and beneficiates from the reforms.




Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Opposition is happy with its status, not that much interested in becoming the governing party, this can be seen clearly in their action. Their attempts to have reforms are half hearted, they only talk about them towards elections when this should be the main focus from the first day of parliament.

City dweller 1 month ago

Haa hamumbovagona vanhu ivava kutonyeperana uko muri kuita zvenyu.I see vachitonga vachingotonga imi muchingovukura.

Bvudzijena 1 month ago

Is it that easy though???!

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