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Opposition Politicians Say President Mnangagwa's SONA Failed To Address Critical Issues

Opposition Politicians Say President Mnangagwa's SONA Failed To Address Critical Issues

Opposition politicians have said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered on 23 November 2022 failed to address critical issues affecting Zimbabwe.

In his address aired on national television, Mnangagwa urged legislators to finalise laws relating to the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) (Amendment) Bill, 2022; the Public Interest Disclosure (Protection of Whistle-blowers) Bill, 2022; the Electoral (Amendment) Bill, 2022; the Witness Protection Bill; the Zimbabwe Human Rights (Amendment) Bill; and the Legal Aid (Amendment) Bill must all be tabled during this session. The Electoral (Amendment) Bill.

He also urged political players, seeking to be elected during the upcoming 2023 elections to “maintain and consolidate the peace, unity, harmony and love that we have built under the second republic. Violent confrontations have never been part of our culture.” 

He said the economy was performing well and highlighted various interventions that his government had undertaken to control runaway inflation and the local currency’s decline.

Mnangagwa also called for the unconditional removal of sanctions, which he claimed had constrained the country’s socioeconomic growth for decades.

However, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya said Mnangagwa failed to address issues affecting long-suffering Zimbabweans. Chikwinya told NewsDay:

The Sona presented by President Mnangagwa remains empty rhetoric devoid of addressing issues as expected by citizens especially now towards elections where the electorate needs electoral reforms that address outstanding issues that have always made elections to be disputed.

We as the CCC condemn the intention of government to smuggle the Patriotic Bill through amendment of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform)  Act. The proposed legislative agenda is not practical considering the length of the Fifth Session which is due to end by June (next year).

Harare East legislator and CCC vice-president Tendai Biti said Zimbabwe is divided, it is too polarised yet the issue of common identity was not addressed in the SONA. He added:

If you do not address the issues of nationhood in a state of the nation address, the state of the nation address becomes hollow.

The issue of corruption, which is tearing the country apart was not addressed. If you can’t address that you are not addressing the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa (Independent) echoed Biti’s remarks saying the issue of corruption was not spoken about. He added:

On violence, it starts with the political parties. They are the ones who are the perpetrators of this.

The SONA was delivered at the New Parliament building in Mt Hampden where Mnangagwa officially opened the Fifth Session of the Ninth Parliament. 

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Zimbabwe First 3 days ago

The problem with CCC is they cannot think beyond electoral processes. CCC grievances are not national grievances.

Gweja mberengwa 3 days ago

pamberi neZanu Pf
pasi nemhanduu
pasi nezvimbwasungata
ED & team vari kudhla zvavakagwira muhondo imwi muchiri mumachende ana baba venyu


Tee1 3 days ago

Hapana machinja pavakambotaurawo zviripositive kungoshora chete

🐝 3 days ago

opposition parties are just a cloud with no rain haibo

🐝 3 days ago

Zvandataura watozvinzwa and watozvinzwisisa and unozviziva. busy kuita noise ma opposition but can't fight for the struggling masses. VERY SILLY

👤 3 days ago

and you are just a bee without honey

Manikiniki 3 days ago

Pasi neZANU pf which has brought a jewel of Africa (Zim) to its knees. Zanu is corruption, suffering and desperation for Zimbabweans. They are clinging to power by force. Only a few corrupt individuals still support this failed party. Through free and fair elections this evil party will be history and Zimbabweans can breath fresh air again and enjoy the fruits of to their honest work.

3 days ago

it didn't bring it to its knees we are the fastest growing economy in africa izvezvi

Me 3 days ago

Even if everyone else vote for Opposition i will vote for Zanu PF

anonymous 3 days ago

wajaira zvinhu zvemahara


because **** zve 3 days ago

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mukomana 3 days ago

pasi ne Zanu pasi nayo.ED must go he is just a commedy ikuda kungodya mari yenyika vamwe tichi suffer..Mukomana ngaapinde .pamberi ne CCC

mtt 3 days ago

ndombobvunzawo imwi vanhu vecccccc kuti munyika ma9mayears ari kurapwa hamunawo women's league itaure zvevan a zvirikuitika kuvanhu vanokuvhotera hamuna basa nazvo chenyu hamunoda ivhoti haaa va mudhosvo munonyadzisa

3 days ago

Pasi neZANU PF CCC chete vote for CCC

Tang ku 3 days ago

Mnangagwa a coup president with out clear vision a myopic mafia leader who is enjoying his last chance on Earth benzi bharanzi mubwidi

tx 2 days ago

change wil come, vacha Pera vese, Mugabe ari kupi,that's how you wil be remembered as a dictator and a thief,you have the power to solve this country s problems ,but you choose to be cruel to yo people,time wil come noone lives fo ever

seme order 21 hours ago

pasi nezimunhu rehondo

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