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Opposition Party Calls For National Shutdown On 13 Sept, Mnangagwa's Impeachment

Opposition Party Calls For National Shutdown On 13 Sept, Mnangagwa's Impeachment

An opposition party in Zimbabwe has called for the impeachment of President Emmerson Mnangagwa over a cocktail of charges including “rape,” “targeting and victimizing critics.”

In a statement seen by Pindula News, Zvaringeni Samuel Chasi who leads the opposition People’s Patriotic Party also wants Zimbabweans to embark on a national shutdown to force the international criminal court must charge and prosecute president “Mnangagwa for mass genocides, torture, abductions, rape cases with full endorsements and sustaining vote from united nations general security council.” Reads the statement:





















Fellow citizens, please be advised with effect from the 13th to the 27th of September 2022, it’s a 100% maximum national shutdown in zimbabwe. All families are advised to store their essential needs with adequate reserves inclusive of medications. The 12th of September shall be dedicated as national prayer and fasting for all Zimbabweans in sackcloth wherever they may be in preparation. Concurrently upon arrival of “president” Emmerson dambudzo Mnangagwa in new york, peaceful protests at John F. Kennedy international airport and a procession leading to the 77th united nations general assembly shall be held with siamese dates as national shutdown.

Please be advised there shall be no tolerance of any public demonstrations or acts of violence in the streets of zimbabwe. All workers thus inclusive of civil servants-teachers, nurses, doctors, etc shall not go to work. No shop or business or industry shall be open. No mine or farm shall operate.

No one shall trespass into the central business district, no taxi or bus shall operate, cross-border business is prohibited, all tourists to stay in-doors. No vendor or hawker shall be on the streets. No school or university shall open or any students on premises, no sexworkers shall promenade on streets: the united nations with its full arms must resolve the zimbabwe crisis and restore legacy in the judiciary system. The international criminal court must charge and prosecute “president” Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for mass genocides, torture, abductions, rape cases with full endorsements and sustaining vote from United Nations general security council.

The gross violations of human rights, failure to uphold the rule of law must be dealt with. Gross incapacitation, looting, corruption and failure of governance has yielded to the downfall of the economy and spiteful salaries. Sanctions are a mere excuse for a cartel which is smuggling and using multi-currencies. zimbabwe crisis should be fixed both locally and diaspora, particularly in South Africa where president Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa is an enclyopedia of the conflicts, atrocities and commissions of inquiry with pending results which has caused a mayhem of repercussions. president Ramaphosa together with SADC must be vocal during the 77th un general assembly on electoral reforms for zimbabwe. All zimbabwe citizens are advised it’s a 100% national shutdown and must not take any chances in all forms to procrastinate a revolution. A referendum for electoral reforms ahead of 2023 elections must be conducted and supervised by SADC with a vote of yes or no from the people. power is derived from the people not POLAD, the proxies of Zanu-pf. The old school parliament and ceremonial senate are extremely incompetent with failure to raise motions on crisis of Zimbabweans in SA or impeachment of Mnangagwa.

Targeting and victimisation of political and human rights activists must stop. job sikhala a legal practitioner whose crime is for representing activists must be set free along other activists. Susan Mutami, Joanna Mamombe, mary Mubaiwa, Cecilia Chimbiri, etc deserve justice. Colonial tactical attacks on president advocate Nelson Chamisa and attacks on his party or any other must stop. A historical revolution 2023 is the way forward, therefore we must hush our fears. It’s imperative wisdom to know that Mnangagwa is not immortal and must be held accountable for his crimes at UN. A freedom charter has been declared. The voice of the people is the voice of God. Peace, law and order must be maintained during the national shutdown in zimbabwe and protests in new york.

Now is the clarion call and hour to execute the immortal words of Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo, “the country shall never die but the young people will save it!!!

Yours Sincerely




Pindula News

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Nkust 4 months ago

Haiwavo takazozviona izvi ana chasi kuti zvoitisa imwi mari izvi ita wega shutdown yako ndorega kunotengesa mazai angu zuva iroro mangu muhomwe chapinda zero yako homwe pfacha mukadzi wako otenga phone inodhura kumusangano wechechi oenda nemota Wangu ne bus kubvuruno get away

citizen 4 months ago

kkk ayaaaas mamwa mapiritsi here VAPANDUKI

ndaona madzoka makashota kwamoda kuenda uko

Playin wth fire 4 months ago


As I see it 4 months ago

National shutdown is a wasted of time... It won't happen.
Try the impeachment route although it will be difficult to be successful but worth a shot.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

vanodhla na satani havashupi kuvona.

sfghbbhjb 4 months ago


Gwedu 4 months ago

There is nothing wrong with his thinking. He maybe be right somewhere butthe key problem his ontological position is too common and it lack mystery. It's too late to keep in relying on these strategies. I'm sure it's time now to focus the real problem on ground holding real problems in hand. In this case we are not shutting down government ministries or civil servants we are just shutting down our tuckshops and musika which maybe the highest level of ****ity. Anovata nenzara ndiwe wagonei. We know the guy is pushing fir the agenda but he needs more help to cine out with a better strategy but as it's stands .....that strategy must be the one ine vashingu vacho. Zimbabwe ikutoda zvombokoma zvitori serious ....not even targeting urban areas mela starting down there kumamisha ikoko


uyo 4 months ago

handei taneta tingangofira mumbereko hre

Paul Kagame 4 months ago

You need to work hard to change the perception, you cannot bribe your way through it, you cannot just sweet talk some people, even if they say ok, we agree with you, things will not be fine.
The way the people of their own country feel about what is happening, it will always come out and before you even convince anyone from outside so that they cannot have a wrong perception about you, convince your own people.
Make sure they are with you and say look, whatever you are saying, we feel there is change, so concentrate on making sure your people are involved, they are benefiting, they can themselves push back on this story of perception.
If the country is hungry and people have nothing to eat, they are people who have nothing to eat and when the outsiders are saying it, do not go against them and say why are you saying that my country is starving? When actually people are starving, they are starving.

Darmian 4 months ago

I've got to admit, he's got balls unlike Chamisa. I would rather vote PPP than CCC

Kule Kule 4 months ago

nhai muzukuru chii chiri nani kuva nemabhora makuru kana kuva ne njere dzakati wandei pane wauri kugwisana naye?

@Darmain 4 months ago

But no brains 😂 😂

Matt 4 months ago

if he has balls like you are saying, he should lead by example l

nurse 4 months ago

RTGS400 000 + USD300✨🤗🤗

@nurse 4 months ago

ichokwadi here ichi

Gweks 4 months ago

Toshandiswa mahara uye panofiwa Hama dzang zvirinani kuswera ndichibika beans

Chidhandari 4 months ago

Another indemnity form just signed😂😂😂😂😂

pk 4 months ago

tried and failed strategy. hazvina kumboshanda uye hazvishande. chasara kuita boycott 2023 elections.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

you're on point muzukuru wangu, the strategy doesnt and will not work largely because it was countered well before it was ever put to use through deliberate impoverishment.

Sorojena 4 months ago

An old tired story, but what if they push forward impeachment it is strong 💪. Demos at UN meeting is good idea though I feel the president would boycott because little Susan had been invited there. The national shutdown should take advantage of the presidium legitimacy test case filed in the courts by the child of Zanu pf Sybeth. The diplomatic tiff from the South would add more stamina to the shut down.

Borrowdale Brooke 4 months ago

Ko isu veku Borrowdale Brooke are we expected to join this nonsense?

mushurugwi 4 months ago


Worzell Gummidge 4 months ago

Nhai hama, Perere Kunyenzura uripi? Ko Daniel (My Keriya) Chingoma achiri kuda kuita President here, neParty yake VOTE ZITER? Ko wamunoti iye Hosaya (Kwachu Kwachu) Chipanga? Ko Kissinoti Mukwazhi naIjipiti Dzinemunhenzva? Tichavanzwa Jedi one week before elections. Yah, ndatenda hangu. Zimba izere maBhambi, emaHwambi emuRambi.

Worzell Gummidge 4 months ago

Nhai hama, Perere Kunyenzura uripi? Ko Daniel (My Keriya) Chingoma achiri kuda kuita President here, neParty yake ZITER? Ko wamunoti iye Hosaya Chipanga? Ko Kissinoti Mukwazhi naIjipiti Dzinemunhenzva? Yah, bdatenda hanging. Zimba izere maBhambi, emaHwambi emuRambi

Gweks 4 months ago

Yaaaa as long as you lived in Zim dude

Majority Rule 4 months ago

The cowards are showing fear already, but they make so much noise on groups

@Darmian 4 months ago

Do you have balls yourself anyway????

linox 4 months ago

Hatidi kuti zvakaipa zvafungwa naBaba ava asi kuti vazvitaura nguva isiri iyo kuvanhu vasiri Ivo chete , nowadays kurasikirwa nehour rimwe kugadzira ruvengo naLandlord , vana kuchikoro vachidzingwa , just to pliz vamwe baba vangorotawo kugadzira zita ravo, who are Yu to command National Lockdown , dai watoti ticheme hedu muchembere Queen pane kurotomoka uku, ukatanga waenda kuUzumba maramba pfungwe wonoti pasi wonoti pasi neZanu pf ukadzoka toziva zvamuri kutaura zvoita , kkkkk asi CDe imika ndiyani anocheka kuti ndaswera mumba , mangwana acho seni zvangu Teacher ndinenge ndakukweshana naHead kuti wakarovha basa musakanganwa chazuro nehope,

linox 4 months ago


linox 4 months ago

Haaa vakuru itai yamuri kuita isu toona yekutamba, ipapo tinenge tichiridza Aleck Macheso, waiutangirei mutsindo

valembe 4 months ago

gwedu vataura chokwadi kumisha ndokune vanhu vanoda ku****hwa kusvika zvanaka especially masabhuku nechiefs awo

tururu 4 months ago

ndiwe unenge uripamberi,,vamwe vose veopposition vachitevera

4 months ago

Uuuum ita wega shutdown yako kkkkkk

Citizen 4 months ago's a viable idea.....if l was in New York l would surely be out there & be heard

shamhu yemuroi 4 months ago

Unopenga iwe shutdown for two weeks ndichidyei iwewe gara ini ndotoshandira mhuri yangu tanets nemi munoita Mari neshutdown dzenyu idzi

Sca face 4 months ago

At the end of day he will be on the Leader's syd... Rich also, saka wangu ita yauri kuita got to feed myself my family and my dog

Hameno 4 months ago


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