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Only Way Zimbabwe Can Stop Monkeypox Is By Strengthening Surveillance And Monitoring Systems

Only Way Zimbabwe Can Stop Monkeypox Is By Strengthening Surveillance And Monitoring Systems

Health experts have argued that Zimbabwe’s only chance at stopping the monkeypox outbreak is by strengthening its surveillance and monitoring systems.

Monkeypox, an infection caused by a virus in the same family as the smallpox virus, is fast spreading across the world.

It is transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal, or with material contaminated with the virus.

It is far less severe than smallpox, though it causes a similar illness that involves flu-like symptoms and a rash accompanied by lesions.

Community Working Group on Health executive director Itai Rusike said the government should strengthen surveillance and increase awareness of the virus. He told NewsDay Zimbabwe:

Government should work with other health stakeholders in providing education, information and awareness campaigns on monkeypox instead of the current situation where people are relying on social media platforms and their peers risking the rise in misinformation and disinformation just like what happened with COVID-19.

Government needs to urgently respond to the WHO declaration of monkeypox as a public health emergency of international concern. The urgent call issued by WHO is as a result of an escalation of monkeypox cases representing a global threat.

The only way the struggling public health delivery services in Zimbabwe can stop and manage the monkeypox outbreak is by strengthening our surveillance and monitoring systems.

Medical and Dental Private Practitioners Association of Zimbabwe president Johannes Marisa said Zimbabwe can succeed in preventing the spread of monkeypox by employing public health measures like masking up, hand washing and sanitisation and vaccinations.

He added that the country, however, will face challenges in therapeutics as it has limited resources at the moment coupled with a massive brain drain in the health sector.

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Name 3 weeks ago

Chirwere che ngochani ichoo

Doc 3 weeks ago

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mask up nekuda kweMonkey pox here... we need to avoid physical contact only. mask up mask up yei

lady ju 3 weeks ago


ummm 3 weeks ago

ummmm gwenyukwenyu ronyanyoda kunyasi uku ummm unochema chete

Russian space Shuttle 3 weeks ago

Everything going according to prophecy

Kong 3 weeks ago

Zvirikubva ku modern day Babylon


Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

from deadly Covid-19 to monkeypox, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Heavenly Headquarters 3 weeks ago

Government yema Viruses will win

inini 3 weeks ago

tose tikasaita chingochani tatokunda

Chelsey TKapindu 3 weeks ago

What causes monkey poks. Can it be quired and what are the symptoms of it .. l have many questions to ask about this diseases

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