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One Good Thing About Mugabe, He Didn't Drink Or Smoke - Zivhu

One Good Thing About Mugabe, He Didn't Drink Or Smoke - Zivhu

Former ZANU PF legislator, Killer Zivhu has attracted the attention of social media users after claiming that the late founding leader of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, did not drink or smoke, a comment that comes after President Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared “drunk” at a fundraiser. Zivhu said: 

One good thing about Mugabe aiva asingadakwi kana kusvutsa fodya [he did not drink or smoke.]

Some interpreted his tweet as a jab at the president. Zivhu later posted another one toning things down. He said:

Ini I drink beer also ndichidhakwa nokuti haisi mhosva. ED my President zvaanoda ndizvo zvandinoita saka usazvinetsa anozviziva kuti kuna Zivhu. [I drink and get drunk. I do what my president, Mnangagwa, likes…]

Meanwhile, Norton Independent Member of Parliament (independent), Temba Mliswa, has blamed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s security for exposing him.

Mliswa says Mnangagwa is not such a drinker but blames his security for not being there for him.

If the truth be said, the President isn’t that much of a drinker.

The whole clip shows that he was fine, spoke and stood on his own. I think we have jumped excitedly onto a nothing.

There is no story here just that we have prior agendas and rush to foist them on a banal situation.

He is a man of sober habits. Having young people holding onto you as a sign of affection isn’t something to read much into.

It may give some impressions but it’s not a fact. My concern is the absence of security.

Let’s not humiliate and embarrass ourselves as a nation by casting false aspersions.

He said he was only concerned that there was no security “for Zimbabwe’s first citizen.” 

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Ungwas 6 months ago

Remember, everything said is an opinion, not a fact. Everything you see is a perception, not always the truth. More often than not, some of us major in the minor...

Chinembiri 6 months ago

Bhoe here

Ndini uya uya 6 months ago

That explains why dzakamboti curfew inotanga na 0200hrs 😂😂 dza dzakarohwa neMtoriro

Imwe mbeu 6 months ago

No wonder why vaChiwenga vaida kuisa tax yekumwa neFodya 😂😂😂

Cde Robert Richard Morgen Gabriel Mugabe Tsvangirai 6 months ago

There's completely nothing wrong with that.That is one's personal choice,some people drink to relieve stress.I think he was tired due to overwork.

Lets just not blame everything, we will end up blaming God.

Yours truly

M.R Tsvangirai


magobido 6 months ago

Chiii charinotonga gamba renyu iroro zvituta zvizeezee zvevanhu NGAAPINDE HAKE MUKOMANA

Chamatams 6 months ago

Drinking beer is not a crime. Hazvitadzise President wedu kutonga. "KUTONGA KWARO". Let him be.

Remember mushonga 6 months ago

What's problem about drinking! because you have seen it to president only whilst you yourself drink all what you want ,beer,water ,chapomba etc no one can talk about you .haaa hey write something that matters most not continue talking about that annoying issue ! How many times had you slept drunk and tomorrow come up sobber minded so that's the same with the president he was drunk yesterday and today he work up sobber like always so let's go with life ,even if you read bible to the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon said ,chii chingaitwe nemunhu kunze kwekunwa nekufara .

Figo 6 months ago

I read Proverbs... Drinking not for wise leaders

Djmccry 6 months ago

ecclesiastes I verse chii

Chifinhuboss 6 months ago

Drinking and smoking are two things amana kkkkk

Tafadzwa C 6 months ago

Zivhu vakomana are coming after you....muchanzwa zvonzi

Man of the moment 6 months ago

Idzi wo idzi Shame Nhayi ma shefu chidzorayi Mwana Ku ZANU PF uyu
Akuti bhowa manje

#NHM 🤠🤠🤠

say it as it is 6 months ago

Bootlicker ungatiiwo zvako. iiih shame.

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