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Omicron Variant Now In Zimbabwe - Health Minister Chiwenga

Omicron Variant Now In Zimbabwe - Health Minister Chiwenga

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who doubles as the Minister of Health and Child Care has confirmed that Omicron, a new coronavirus variant that was first detected in South Africa on the 24th of November has been detected in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at a meeting with young farmers this Thursday in Harare, VP Chiwenga said:

We are doing the genomic sequencing, and we have already identified that we now have it (Omicron) in this country and, therefore, must remain vigilant.

We want everyone to be safe so let’s be vaccinated and then let’s follow the protocols. We don’t want to end up putting extra measures but if we follow these measures, I think every one of us will be safe and we will conquer this enemy.

Initially named B.1.1.529, the new coronavirus variant was first reported to the WHO from South Africa on 24 November and has also been identified in several other countries including Botswana, Belgium, Hong Kong, the US, and Israel.

Fears abound that the variant could be significantly easier to pass from person to person and that it could have at least some resistance to current treatments and vaccines. 

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Tshaka Zulu 5 months ago

People of kwa Bulawayo, this Njengu hot stuff will finish you.Our people need to be educated serously,you don't senatize through drinking the Njengus hot stuffs..Woman,christians and teenagers are indulging into drinking tots,thinking they are sanatizing ..
Please seek more accurate info about Covid !

Thank you my people.

Yours truly

King Tshaka Zulu

Tshaka Zulu 5 months ago

@Blackout true,true it is happening everywhere and you get to see someone getting the second jab after 63 days.Surely we are creating some dangerous varient..

@King Mzilikazi i agree with you also,we have been infected several times and maybe with some varient yet to be discovored later on in future..

buju 5 months ago

kutofaririra kurwarwa kwevana vevhu zvoita sezvodadisa kutoti tichakuomeserai; shame on you

Real mbada 5 months ago

Pfungwa dzachembera zvamwari


Tshaka Zulu 5 months ago

This Omicron has been there for quite some time,it has now landed to the hands of scientists now.

Im from kwa Bulawayo and Dr Solwayo for your own information ,children from 12yrs and below ,and especialy toddlers are and have been suffering from coughs,mild influenza for a quite a long period.I personally withdrawn my 3yr old from nusery 2mnts ago.Any parent from Bulawayo can bare with me ,kids are not feeling well,although they are coping and spreading that flue daily..

Dr Solwayo once stated on a certain outbreak offecting kids due to climate change..that Dr was guess work.The outbreak was this Omicron.

This disease is stubborn,spreads faster than any other variants and it is not so painful than the Delta variant.

Please take note of what i said and consider tasting kids more at local clinics.South African has discoverd this data lately(kids younger than five mostly affected with covid 19 and are the most admitted in Hospitals)!

Lets get serious before the Omicron gets serious!I also realised that my toddler has been suffering for almost a a month ,although been given some cough medicines ,the flue re-appears frequantly..

Yours truly

King Tshaka Zulu

Blackout 5 months ago

And it wont be the last mutation.the Zimbabwean gvt is creating another mutation thats going to be the mother of all mutations.How are they doing this? Well you go to get vaccinated you get your first jab,go for the second its not available start with a new vaccine,again you get the first jab the second isn't available,you start over again akomana ka chirwere chicha buda ipapo chahototo chaicho.Kwamurehwa kune vanhu vakabaiwa nearly 4 to6 times with diff vaccines and you hear kuti akurwara necovid unofunga kuti covid iyoyo iriboe here

King Mzilikazi 5 months ago

I agree with you King of Zulus. This thing has been there with us for some time. Kids affected mostly and a lot of adults too. I think I was at one point infected as well.

Chapwititi 5 months ago

Owk Thank you Minister,sorry VP

Chapwititi 5 months ago

Pakaipa apo,Omiricon yamuZi?

ED 5 months ago


Yes Omicron is now here but good news is that its not that deadly as compared to Delta Variant but it spreads n spreads at alarming rates.

Yours truly


Tracey 5 months ago

Mmm vaccine richine basa here pakadai, honest question? Zvinu zvacho so zvonetsa kuunderstander

Philimon Mutubuki 5 months ago

Pakaipa vatanga vanhu vaya ngatibaiwei

Real mbada 5 months ago

Kkkk vaccine ye variant ipi

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