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OK Grand Challenge Serial Winner Wins 10th Car

OK Grand Challenge Serial Winner Wins 10th Car

OK Grand Challenge Jackpot Promotion serial winner, Clement Muhle and his family have won their 10th car in the past five years.

The Rusape businessman’s wife, Fatima Muhle, was the recipient of a Delta Corporation-sponsored Nissan NP200 on Saturday.

To date, Muhle’s children – four boys and four girls – have won a car each except for their youngest son, a one-year-old, who is yet to try his luck.

Fatima told H-Metro she earned the prize after recently opening a bar in Rusape. Said Fatima:

I am happy that I have won my first car after having played second fiddle to my husband and children.

I recently opened a bar in Rusape and promised myself to move big volumes in order to win because that’s the only secret to winning anything in the competition.

I am still considering whether to keep the car or invest it in the business.

Juju claims:

She dismissed reports the family might be earning all these benefits through the use of juju.

Like I said, it’s all about the volumes you buy on a particular product that increase your chances.

We have Christian values and we don’t use juju, those who accuse us of using it have never treated the competition seriously like we do.

Meanwhile, Prosper Zambuko, from Kwekwe, walked away with the biggest prize, a double-cab Ford Ranger worth US$72 000.

Portia Dube, a 32-year-old mother of two from Gwanda, also walked away with two Nissan NP200, which were sponsored by Arenel and CABS.

A total of 47 vehicles were won at the event at the Borrowdale Racecourse where various artists, including Jah Prayzah, Alick Macheso, Sulu, Freeman and Nutty O took to stage.

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VaZimbeva 2 weeks ago

What if this family had a good deal with OK Zimbabwe that vanozotorerwa mota idzi and get used back for the next promotion. These are the same cars used over and over again muchitorohwa mari, #MyOpinion

Tateguru 2 weeks ago

Ummmmm nemawandiro akaita vanhu muZimbabwe Aya?
Two or three times zvingaite Kwete 10 times

Chimbwido 2 weeks ago

Paita mbavha apo. It should be investigated kuti what happens to all those cars after the lady wins them. Panosungwa munhu chete

analyst 2 weeks ago

clever people using common sense .OK Zim must computerize the selection.

The Champion Of Trth 2 weeks ago

Hapana juju apa..luck ravo chete

Freda 3 weeks ago

Musangoti juju that's a sign yeunyope wekufunga. Ask your self how they ar doing it logically.Think in terms increasing your probability.tageting ok branches in small towns .Buying cheap products on competition which u can resale later to recover your money or even make profit e.g. doro nemabond is cheaper ma OK.faria kufunga usapere pakungoti juju pfungwa kkwakutozora.Busy kufunga kuti zvigunwe zvinotengeswa kwakutoita mari imiii.

jjay 3 weeks ago

Zvazvinoita if you move ma volumes pakutenga its very possible. handione pane juju. thats the core ye promo yacho. the more you buy the higher chances of winning. knowing maproducts ari pa promo otenga iwawo.


gweru 3 weeks ago

iyo O.K ycho should also make a change pakuramba yopa same person prize makore akateedzana evryone shud get an opportunity kaa.

Zelensky 3 weeks ago

mishonga iyo, pazvichapera muchavaona vakunhonga making mhuri yese

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

Raki unoriwanepiko raaki 🎶

mwenewazvo 3 weeks ago

@duduzani shuwa pane zvikiribidi zviri kutambwa.nekuti munhu wese anenge apinda muchallenge anotarisira kuhwina.manje mai veGwanda vaitoziva kuti vari kunotora mota.

mwenewazvo 3 weeks ago

@mama bee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Duduzani 3 weeks ago

OK Grand Challenge must be investigated for possible corruption there, another lady from Gwanda also claimed that she has won car several times and she even travelled from Gwanda to Harare to attend the Grand Challenge, confident that she'll win a car

motsepe 3 weeks ago


juju 3 weeks ago

ijuju kani tovaziva ndevekumarain kwedu avo vanotozikanwa nejuju. jujumasters

mama Bee 3 weeks ago

kubva Mwari ndewenyu mega nemhuri yenyu yooooo

I don't know 3 weeks ago

Christian values running a bar ?????
I need to know more pamwe

Cash-Talker 3 weeks ago

Arguing with this person is a waste of time. If it's not juju, then it could be corruption. I had a situation where a certain man asked his friend to accompany him to a store where a draw was being conducted. He further went on to say the manager had promised him the prize of an electric iron, and guess what, he WON that iron. What we should know is that this business man has a GOOD relationship with the person who will be conducting the draw. He then also pays a certain amount of money in order to WIN the cars. Otherwise it's either through corrupt means or juju, no argument about that.

fatina muhle 3 weeks ago

hatina juju izu takangoromba hedu

ABSA 3 weeks ago

10th car in 5yrs and the youngest son one year old is yet try his luck.yaa mune luck renyu

Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

This is not normal. They may deny juju, but there is something happening. If they completely deny juju, do they want people that God loves their more than he loves all other people. Chickens shall one day come back to roost. ZVICHAPFUKA.




Lijajic 3 weeks ago

Kupa one munu 🇿🇼 kkkkkkkkkk one chayikho

Tym 3 weeks ago

Juju juju

hakireni 3 weeks ago

husband,wife and 8 kids each winning a car,juju to the fullest.musapikise ndadaro.tichazviona hedu zvo backfire

unknown 3 weeks ago

juju to he fullest

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