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Off-duty Cop Leads Squad That "Attempted To Abduct" ZimLive Editor

Off-duty Cop Leads Squad That

An off-duty police officer has been identified as the leader of a suspected extrajudicial hit squad that attempted to abduct a newspaper editor on Friday.

ZimLive reports that Detective Sergeant Patrice Nyanhete – from CID Law & Order in Bulawayo – has been positively identified by persons he interacted with at ZimLive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu’s Bulawayo home while purporting to enforce a lawful arrest.

The unwelcome visitors left instructions that the Mathuthu should present himself to Office 12 at the Law and Order section at Bulawayo Central Police Station and see Nyanhete.

Mathuthu’s lawyer Nqobani Sithole later went to the police station but was advised that Nyanhete was “off duty”. On further enquiry, Law and Order detectives present said Mathuthu was not a person of interest, according to the lawyer.

National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has also distanced police from the operation. NewsHawks reported Nyathi as saying Friday:

I have contacted the Officer Commanding Bulawayo, but we are not aware of that.

Emerging information indicates Nyanhete was not due to return to work for another week, lending credence to fears the operation was an attempted abduction.

Five men driving in a vehicle without number plates, and claiming to be police officers, arrived at Mathuthu’s home just after midday but the journalist was not present.

The men did not show their police badges and declined a request to leave their contacts, people present said. Mathuthu’s lawyer said Friday:

I’m now more concerned than I was when I went to the police station.

If the people at Mathuthu’s house were not police officers, and given that they didn’t want to be identified by driving a vehicle without number plates, then it’s safe to assume that this was going to be an abduction and not an arrest.

Witnesses remembered only that the vehicle used was a silver sedan with number plates removed.

Mathuthu said he had “absolutely no idea” when asked why he had attracted interest from the police.

Mathuthu told Kukurigo he was in a secure location Sunday evening.

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mpositori weAfrica 1 month ago

*Toes for money*

```May 30, 2022```

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CAN anyone really sell their toes and make instant cash or we are just being sold a dummy?

The sound of it seems a little weird but it’s a subject that is dominating social media sites in this country.

Have we really hit rock bottom as a people that we believe we don’t have to sweat for money and prefer giving some South African sangomas our toes?

Social media has been awash with these tales since last Thursday with news that local dealers, especially those at Ximex Mall in the capital, can’t walk bare footed after selling off their toes.

In one of the circulating messages, there are even unconfirmed prices for the big toe (US$40 000), middle toe (US$25 000) and small toe (US$10 000).

Some say this is work of a cult, who demand the toes in exchange for 10 years’ riches, but one will lose a relative along the way.

Other claims are that, after agreeing to have a toe cut off, no other person must see the leg.

A close source at Ximex claims the story is just something which one guy jokingly shared with his colleagues and has now been blown out of proportion.

“I can’t really deny or confirm such activity at Ximex Mall but what I have gathered is that this whole issue was blown out of proportion after a few guys shared it as a joke.

“Yes, some of the latest cars that the dealers are driving are questionable, imagine seeing a guy who has been struggling to buy lunch for himself now cruising in a Mercedes Benz GL400 which costs US$200 000, you have questions,” said the source.

In a voice note, purported to belong to one ‘donor’, she claims the process was not painful but she received the shock of her life after some maggots came out of her leg. _*HMetro*_

*The Voice Online News ©*
_*Telling The True Story*_

US Agency for Southern Africa 1 month ago

We need a new script for us to remain relevant. The 'abduction' stories now lack credibility and the general populace no longer believes them.

Blue ❤️ 1 month ago

The works of Blue 💙. Satanic cultist who feeds on human blood. People from the dark world

Nyanhete 1 month ago

I'm also trying guys to get mullah..bcz dez Zanu thugs has taken everything away from us

STALIN 1 month ago

ZRP- Zanu Republic Police

vote ccc if you want Zimbabwe republic police
ngaapinde hake Chamisa

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