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"Nyaradzo Will Not Take Legal Action Against Slanderers"

Nyaradzo Group CEO Philip Mataranyika said that the funeral insurer will not take legal action against individuals who used social media platforms to spread false information about the company’s operations.

A few months ago, Nyaradzo was a victim of a social media campaign where it was accused of profiteering at the expense of clients.

The activist behind the campaign Alistar Nyamarari Chibanda has since retracted his allegations and apologised to Nyaradzo, claiming he was fed false information.

Speaking in a recent interview with The Standard, Mataranyika said the episode enabled the company to identify some information gaps that it was now addressing. He said:

When the recent debates on social media and elsewhere started, we took time to listen to what was being said, noting what we felt were genuine concerns while sifting through what we felt were sentiments entirely aimed at hurting the brand.

Nyaradzo has always been the one friend you can count on during life’s most trying times.

As a brand, we are committed to our clients with whom we have walked through difficult times.

As such, we were humbled to see many people from different walks of life, our clients included, defend the brand and show how much they know about our products and services.

We also identified some information gaps, which we are now working on plugging.

There were many learning points regarding the needs of the Nyaradzo client of today.

We also took advantage of the increased publicity to reach out to existing and potential clients to whom we reaffirmed our commitment to being at their service at all times.

… this particular incident seems to have been orchestrated by those with little knowledge about the workings of insurance.

Instead of bashing them in return, we will go out to educate them, so they are better informed.

Mataranyika said people who retracted their allegations and apologised may have themselves been victims of false information, hence no legal action will be taken against them. Said Mataranyika:

We knew even as this started and spread that once they had access to correct information and if they are decent beings, the natural response would be to apologise and retract, which is what they did.

We are not pursuing any legal action against them; on the contrary, we have warmly welcomed a significant number of them into the Sahwira family.

Nyaradzo’s doors remain open to everyone who wants an all-weather friend, regardless of background.

| The Standard

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cccvv 1 month ago

Nyaradzo ma tso tsi

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Why do u say so.

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Vema insurance matsotsi aya haisi nyaradzo chete even ve motor insurance etc

Machiavelli 1 month ago

but chokwadi hacho chiripo into nyaradzo tacho yakazviona. company yakaposa yanyura hayo

Mdc 4ED 1 month ago

Nyaradzo (guilty or not) had a choice to set the record straight or kutonga nedemo (sue) since it's a financially powerful company. ED gvt has chosen to craft a law against calling for sanctions. Other choice they didn't take was set the record straight, or at pretend to

Doug 1 month ago

Put your signature to show that you have understood, if there are queries, do not just sign, ask for clarification. Even your political party or the courts cannot reverse or remove what you signed for.

Doug 1 month ago

We should be serious with our lives and not just agree to what we do not understand. That is why the one entering into the agreement is supposed to be 18 or above.


porongi 1 month ago

the truth is this so called Alister was paid to tarnish the image of nyaradzo by other competitors which I will not mention, nyaradzo is one of few companies in this country which is still providing services even under hard economic conditions

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Mataranyika, please bvisa chegumi kuZANU saTagwirei kuti zvinhu zvako zvikufambire.

You have been warned

Chiurai 1 month ago

Policy ndai machuwe. 60 years uchibhadhara fail to pay 3 mon8ya lapsa

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