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Nyaradzo Group Defends "End-of-life Industry" After Criticism On Social Media

Nyaradzo Group Defends

Nyaradzo Group has defended funeral assurance policies saying they allow bereaved families to give their departed loved ones decent burials without hassles.

Nyaradzo Group, which is one of the major players in the end-of-life industry, was responding to posts on social media accusing insurance companies of ripping off their clients. The company said:

We are aware of the posts doing rounds on social media concerning the purported absurdity of funeral cover and insurers’ dishonesty and would like to assert that the claims made therein are as untrue as they are misleading.

Funeral assurance policies have for generations helped give decency to our dear departed without hassle.

Whereas in the past, families not only had to deal with the pain of loss, but the logistical nightmare of arranging the funeral of a loved one, often with little or no resources – today, families now have a chance to celebrate the life of their loved ones and carry out a seamless send-off, thanks to funeral assurance products.

We are happy to engage in more meaningful discussions and debates regarding the importance and factual technicalities of funeral cover and look forward to sharing more about our products and services.

Nyaradzo did not get into details on the alleged social media posts but one Alistar Nyamarai Chibanda recently criticised insurers for “scamming” the insured.

Posting on her Twitter page on 18 October 2022, Chibanda, said it was unfair for Nyaradzo to revoke the insured’s policy for failing to pay subscriptions for three months when they will have been paying them consistently for three decades. She wrote:

Nyaradzo Funeral cover monthly premium is ZWL$12 771,15 =US$20.57 *Per year: US20.57 ×12 =US$246.84 *Per 30years: US$246.84 ×30= US$7405.20.

If u died: coffin US$300, fuel US$500 Nyaradzo will use US$800 to bury u but iwe wakavapa US$7400 zvoreva kuti wabirwa US$6600 cash!

Ukasabhadhara subs for 3 months & then wofa, zvatovharana havakuvige. Am not saying don’t stop paying Nyaradzo. Some are comfortable nazvo… so continue.

But chandoziva ini hakuna munhu akafa akasavigwa, policy or no policy unovigwa chete. Burial society iri nani pane policy!

Chibanda was not amused by the statement issued by Nyaradzo saying the company avoided directly responding to issues she had raised. She said:

Instead of answering the questions, Nyaradzo Group put an arrogant and pompous response. It would have been wise for Nyaradzo Group to answer the questions raised i.e cashbacks, policy maturity & that 3-months lapse issue. Address those than saying its untrue. What’s untrue?

Nyaradzo Group statement is empty. It did not address the problem or the absurd claims that they’re refusing to bury people who have defaulted premiums for 3months.

They simply said it is not true. What’s not true; Is Nyaradzo burying people who have not paid their premiums for 3-months?

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