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Nyanyadzi Primary Grade 7 Class Builds House For Elderly Woman

Nyanyadzi Primary Grade 7 Class Builds House For Elderly Woman

Nyanyadzi Primary School Grade 7 class at Nyanyadzi has raised funds and built a house for an old woman from a nearby village.

The initiative started as a normal Family, Religious and Moral Education lesson but eventually turned into a humanitarian gesture as students mobilised their little resources to build a house for a local 84-year-old widowed granny.

The elderly woman, Mbuya Erica Mumera, was living with her two orphaned grandchildren, Leon, a Grade 7 pupil and Auditor, in Grade 2 in a single hut after their other hut was destroyed by heavy rains early this year.

The class of 37, led by their teacher Nicholas Chinyanya, all contributed the little money they could afford to construct a house and today Mbuya Mumera is a proud owner of the well-built structure.

Responding to the gesture, Mbuya Mumera said:

I am a TB patient and I can not do any hard work because of my age. Our hut fell early this year so I had to live with my grandchildren in this house. I was shocked when this good man (teacher) told me that they want to build a house for us and now they have done it.

I want to thank those children for growing up knowing that there are those whom they can help despite being that young. Even their teacher has showed a good heart.

For the teacher, Nicholas Chinyanya, the gesture is testimony that students are learning and practising what they are being taught at school. He said:

While conducting our lesson the children voted to identify the neediest within the categories that we had chosen and they identified this household.

He added that they then mobilised funds to build her the house.

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Sçøfield 5 months ago

God Bless them all Mwari awedzere pavakatapudza

John Marimbire 5 months ago

Kudzidza hakuperi ....thanks guys

M. Doit 5 months ago

Is the govenment awere ot the old people who are surffering acvomodation? Or its not their concern to look at them?

Andrew sanganyado 5 months ago

mwari ngaakuitirei tsitsi.musaperera ipapa.

KING GANJAH 5 months ago

God bless you all

Dz 5 months ago

Thank you our will always be remembered for this good work.may the almighty God bless you and and the grade7 pupils.

Panthera 5 months ago

Thumbs up to the children and their teacher👏🏿


Vic 5 months ago

This is good.May GOD richly the teacher and students..

Clotilda Mukamuri 5 months ago

New curriculum ndizvo vana vedu vave kudzidza.Catch them young tinotenda mudzidzisi.

Charamba Frikanos 5 months ago

Ndoozvibereko zveNew Curriculum izvi. May God bless the teacher and the kids.

KWESÉ 5 months ago

Mwari vakomborere vana na ticha uyu,vaita basa guru.

Batsie Gumbie 5 months ago

What a wonderful work. May God de Almighty grand them grace and favor...

Chatunga 5 months ago

Haiwa ndinopa kutenda kumudzidzisi nevana ava. Mwari akuropafadzei. Ini netumari twandinatwo, ndinoda kureurura, handisati ndamboita zvakadai. Ndadzidza.

Mr Kazangula 5 months ago

May the Lord shower these pupil and their teacher with more blessings

Chapwititi Kestombela 5 months ago

We have kids being led to do good by their teacher. Rimwe busy kunyima those teachers meaningful salaries. Our liberation history is heavily distorted. Muchavaona henyu vakumhanya kune zvaitwa nevana ipapa

Ini zvangu 5 months ago

True unowona votomhanya kuno commissioner imba yacho vaine convoy yemaPrado, ne Helicopter.

Sox 5 months ago

May God bless teacher together with the pupils. Kubata kwaJehovha ngakuonekwe muupenyu hwenyu mese

Tsivo 5 months ago

Dai Zimbabwe ine vakawanda vanodai tichigara nerugare .Apo moyo wakanaka une tsitsi wazvibuditsah pachena.
Mwari ngavaitire zvidhafu

Muchemwa 5 months ago

Uku ndiko kunamata KweMoyo hama kana zvadai kunamata kwazvokwadi,

Phidza 5 months ago

Lord bless these pupils and their teacher and may they continue to find light in your works

chibaba 5 months ago

Vamwe varume vakuru vanoswera kuboaster kt vane mari ivo vasingagoni kubatsira,kukundwa nevana vechikoro nxaaa

Siwawa sihambi 5 months ago

Good work ... keep up the standard

The man 5 months ago

Thank you teacher and your pupils wish you a blessed future,many should follow your example learning and practising what they learn.

L, Gumbo 5 months ago

May the Almighty bless the teacher and the students,

Tentin 5 months ago

Ngava pihwe 30 percent yavo pa CALAS

Hodzah 5 months ago

God bless them all

Mwana wachihera 5 months ago

God bless them...ngavawanirwe nyasha vapase grade 7 iyoyo vese vave neramangwana rakanaka

Cobra King 5 months ago

Mateachers ndomusimboti wehupenyu. Give them good salaries

Vie nyc 5 months ago

May God bless them all umm this is good 🙏🙏

Rah 5 months ago

Mwari akomborere vese

Skhumba 5 months ago

👏👏🙏🏼🙏🏼 uThixo alibusise eNkosi

nashe faith 5 months ago

May God bless them all

Miles 5 months ago

This is awesome l must say, when you help the need you get more blessings from the Almighty.

Brian 5 months ago

Vanofunga vana avo may God bless them

Kkkk 5 months ago

Thank you so much,God bless you all who , helped gogo and orphand

CzaryMangule 5 months ago

Thus why teaching is regarded as a noble profession. The teacher has gone beyond excellence, and empowered the pupils with the gift of helping the need. May the public service commission double his 2021 bonus.

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