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NUST Introduces Three-month Nurse Aide Course

NUST Introduces Three-month Nurse Aide Course

The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has introduced a three-month nurse aide course.

The new course will be managed by NUST’s Department of Nursing and Midwifery Sciences and the Centre of Continuing Education. Part of a statement released by NUST reads:

At the end of 12 weeks, participants will be well equipped with knowledge skills and competencies to feed, bath and groom patients thereby contributing enormously to their sense of normalcy and wellbeing.

The first four weeks or month will be theory, while clinical placements will run for the remaining eight weeks or two months.

… Clinal placements will be at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) and Mpilo Central Hospital.

The programme fee has been set at US$200 while entry requirements for potential students is a minimum of three Ordinary Level subjects.

The course modules will consist of Basic Concepts in Health Care, First Aid, Home Nursing, Maternal and Child Health and Clinical Placements.

Lessons will take place on Monday and Friday, between 8.30 am to 16.30 at NUST’s Centre for Continuing Education Town Campus located at 55 Jason Moyo and 4th Avenue.

There has reportedly been an increasing number of Zimbabweans seeking to train as nurse aides in the past few months following a high demand for nurse aides overseas, especially in the United Kingdom.

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Our Zim 1 month ago

Zim ma1 nust torai Mari makanyarara

User 1 month ago

Yey kube liyake liwabone lawo ma students sebezenza ama RGN labo DNO kkkk

Kanye West 1 month ago

The fees are expensive, l would rather buy a bale & make money💰💰💰 than to learn to wipe someone assi.

Korokoza 1 month ago

Pane **** ndipo pane mari, ini ndayenda ini

.💰 1 month ago

Kkkkkk you don't wipe but you swipe, panobuda cash..

Abhero webhero 1 month ago

Kkkkkkkk kanye chibaba

Tongoonai 1 month ago

Imi vakomana vepaPindura, musati tsetse

. 1 month ago

many students will take it to enhance their chances of going to the diaspora, some will drop from their current studies and do it and leave our hopeless country.


Gwedu 1 month ago

Thank you, it's necessary to back on civil registration office,atora passport anoda ka nurse aide then boom✈️

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Matuzvi avakuendesa mhiri kwemakungwa 😂 in the name of greener pastures...

letty 1 month ago

hanzi ndapedza kusuka chembere kadzi yangu ndaakubuda nayo mubathingroom ichida kusimudza gumbo kubuda muTab ndyo pweeeeee ma**** achipinda muTub haaa ndakanyangadzwa ndobva ndatovhurira hot water kuti madhoti abude apa ihe worked at a care home left with 9chembere kuti dzigezwe tuma k**** netuma gogolen tusisina mazino

nurse 1 month ago

pple dont know that going to UK id an expensive move which most ppl dnt calculate well,fast forward this NUST will have less students coz of 3olevel requirements as a prerequisite,after waita Nurse aid ,u need police clearance 30usd,TB test 160usd ,passport 120usd,IELTS inoda 330usd,coaching 80usd handei panopisa pacho kuti uwane COS u need 3000pounds nearly 5000usd ,ndege 1000usd mari yese iyo ukaiunganidza ukayiisa mubusiness panopera gore unenge waane 2 or 3 mashops anevashandi UK is not for thise who are poor inoendwa nevanhu vane pamba pane mari nechekare vazhinj varikurohwa nepeer pressure pls check your background b4 u pump money mudziva rinengwena irooo seka zvako Zuzeeeee

nurse 1 month ago

yes UK is a good mive for opportunities both economic fortuneand healthy but varume vanhu ngavaudzwe chokwadi Diaspora kunoshandwa uye mari inowanikwa after washanda if u dnt do shift work no pounds for you,but ndinzwei hama kadeal aka unogona kubuda around 8000usd kuti unzi waenda kuUK,cos rinofana kuita free but its being abused by ppl in diaspora so kana usina mari enda zvako kuHealth ministry wonoita nurse aid then pachabuda manursing training advert jus chip in woita Diplomanrako woseenza uchisaver wonyora OET yako nekutsvaga COS wochienda zvako i know its a painful process kuina vamwe vachienda iwe uchisara but ndirikutaura life inokuburitsa muAfrica inini

Manikiniki 1 month ago

It will be colleges and universities for Nurse Aides as the future is only in the diaspora since Zimbabwe has been brought to its knees by Zanu. Holders of masters degrees who are sitted at home with nothing to do have no choice but to join the 3'O'level holders in the first aid class. Other colleges do not require any educational qualification at all so its a chance for everyone to stampede for a ticket to bath grannies and khulus in the UK.

E.D.I.t.h. 1 month ago

I need an under 16 girl to bath me. In return I promise her heaven on earth, a lucrative career & protection.

You 1 month ago

KUti wakorobha dam😬😬😬

her 1 month ago

guys nurse aide inoitwa nemunhu asina chero subject here uye uk uku kunoendwa chero ndisina subject futi here

1 month ago

Endai henyu. Madho*** bodo

1 month ago

That's a wise step done. So many youths in Zimbabwe right now claim to be lacking enough educational qualifications and most of them start ranging from those 3 O'Levels. Better acquire this qualification now. Tomorrow is a mystery, you'll be paying one of your fellow citizens to help in that way and it'll add some financial costs to your long maintained budget...think fast at a very low pace with constant speed with more positivity of the future😅

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