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Nurses Warn Govt Against Deploying Military Medical Personnel To Hospitals

Nurses Warn Govt Against Deploying Military Medical Personnel To Hospitals

The Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) said the Government should address nurses’ grievances so that they return to work as bringing in the military to stand in for them would never work.

ZINA president Enock Dongo said it is not possible to bring nurses and doctors from the army as there should be a proper handover of patients’ records. Said Dongo:

The number of health workers in the army vis-a-vis our number is incomparable. In short, it will definitely not work.

I do not think it is possible or serve the purpose.

It is very simple and for the government to try and look for other ways of doing things is not fair and it will lead to the total collapse of our health system.

They have done it before, to bring in nurses and doctors from the army but I think they know it well that it will be for politicking not for real work to be done.

This is not a profession that you can take someone to come and replace, there is a need for handover because these patients have records.

He said the Government has an obligation to pay nurses US dollar salaries since it has indexed its services in US dollars. Dongo said:

When the government indexed everything else in US dollars, they forgot about indexing our salaries.

We do not have the basics in hospitals, we do not have bandages, gloves, or paracetamol which is just a pain-stop, we do not have antibiotics, and x-rays so even if health workers were to go back to work today, they would still have to watch people die because of lack of the resources.

The health workers are not demanding something out of this world, they are just demanding basic salaries and medication in the hospitals and equipment.

Zimbabwe’s public health workers have been on strike since Monday, demanding that their salaries should be paid in US dollars, among other things.


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999 1 day ago

Incase some of us don't know.
The armed forces have qualified medical personnel from general nurses,,GP doctors,,spe****t doctors,nurse anesthetists,,midwives,,psch nurses u name them,,lab techs,lab scientists..Your radiographers everyone is there
and to be frank with you all,,team rekuArmed forces rine knowledge zvekuti dhuu

ngorima mushava 3 days ago

I think manurse kana vasinga chase basa should just resign, of course Mari hakuna inokwana ,the fact that you guys leaders vema association you dine ne opposition leaders makes your situation a bit tricky,it seems kunga you're working to destabilize GVT

Pragmatist 3 days ago

You sound lyk a gvt mouth piece
How can a civil servant live with a $rtgs25000 salary when the poverty datum line is at $rtgs133000 and rising ZanuPf propaganda has rendered you incapable of logical debate

trr 3 days ago

Kungonyora macards mushonga yacho imborikupi rangove zita kwakungoend kuhospital kungono nyorerwa mushonga wonotenga kupharmaryDzimba remabwe rangondomoka

Soldiers are trained to kill 3 days ago


Putin 🇷🇺 OG 🐊🐊 3 days ago

hakuna chinonzi hand over mu struggle endai ku Ukraine


Bbbbbb bbb 3 days ago

Handei tonotora mushonga kuchipatara guys munhu tora wauno ziva kumberi uku maqq, kana weflue zvawo unozokuponesa,,,,, dai Zanu leaders vakamuka vakafa vese nhasi chaiye not mangwana tanzwa guys mmmm tamama, sidothile thina, zwamulwaja izwi aaah

Dhuterere 3 days ago

that's why now private doctors are too many like ever before government has failed as far as health delivery system is concerned

πr2 3 days ago

Don't show your ignorance here.The Army has qualified doctors and RGN.

htc 3 days ago

They a only a handful and a province is too big for all army registerd RGN they will have to compensate the numbers with under qualified personnel
And what will they give the patients wen they is no medication other than wright prescriptions

πr2 3 days ago

Its a temporary stop gap measure.They will obviously not cover the whole of Masvingo.

Asalif 3 days ago

How many are they let's say Masvingo as a whole can they man the Provincial hospital let's say people don't go to private doctors it's only a matter that if you have your money you can't go to a government hospital for what chaunopiwa ikoko for ARVs maybe and TB treatment which is donated

Asalif 4 days ago

Medic naState registered Nurse zvakasiyana guys you will be killed by these soldiers kuchipatara uko have you ever heard of Military Midwives

Blue 💙 3 days ago

🤣, those guys are very much capable. It's just a **** move to replace nurses with those from the army

Army Medico 4 days ago

We have done this before. Even if there is no handover we can takeover cases from medical records.

Nn 4 days ago

Saka mukuti muzvipatara muchange muine ma soja kkkkk haaa guys kaaa, ichiri freedom muzim here iyi, gore rino panofiwa apaaaaaa, ndaona death rate yadarika 100% mwari ndichengetei ndisarwara munguva yema AK aya

muzimbo 4 days ago

team rinobva ku military ma1, vamwe vacho vanenge vasingatozivi even ma dose emishonga, eve to conduct a normal delivery, becoz vanenge vakagara kumabarrack
kkkkk hameno ikoko, it will not work

Bläskøshto 4 days ago

hondo inopera nehondo..keep on fighting maCdes ...rambai makatsika chepakati vanokura nazvo...

Yellow Mellow 💛 4 days ago

Zimbabwe had no any other Minister of Health & Child Care since David Parirenyatwa. Though he was corrupt but things were going well than this current rubbish who just got married to a Nkayi beachh

Vote for Change
Vote CCC
Vote Chamisa

Citizen 4 days ago

David Parirenyatwa the last Health Minister

shango 4 days ago

David Parirenyatwa was the last Health Minister upto noe

Purse 4 days ago

Vene venyika tinoenda kuChina kana tarwara hameno imi munoti vene vayo musina Mari dzema passport nemavisa munorapwei isusu kuno tiri covered

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