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Nurses Lose Hope In VP Chiwenga

Nurses Lose Hope In VP Chiwenga

Nurses have lost all hope in Health and Childcare Minister Vice President Constantino Chiwenga improving their conditions of service.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) president Enock Dongo on Friday told NewsDay that the situation in the country’s public health system has worsened since Chiwenga took over the health portfolio. Said Dongo:

The nurses were also saying when Chiwenga came in, they had a lot of hope and trust that the health delivery system was going to improve.

However, nothing has improved. Rather there is deterioration and they have lost whatever they had gained. Right now nurses are the worst paid as compared to other civil servants.

They (nurses) said they are no longer safe and free to express themselves including the managers and provincial medical directors who were also complaining that they don’t have any access to the ministry management so that they present the challenges faced by health workers.

This has made things very worse. So what it means is that people have lost hope and that is why there is a rampant brain drain across the country.

The Government is also working on passing a law, the Health Service Amendment Bill, that will make it difficult for healthcare workers to go on strike.

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putin 1 month ago


John Takaenda 1 month ago

I'm surprised they had any hope in a guy who doesn't know a damn thing about health, let alone speak English fluently

Cable Guy 1 month ago


Takaenda Takaenda 1 month ago

my thoughts exactly 😂😂😂😂😂

Zim 1 1 month ago

sorry pano ,dakuzovawo kuti munhu agoita Minister panodikanwa maqualities api bcz nyika irikufa nekuda kwemarotten Ministers vasina kudzidza asi vanongonxi vakarwa hondo sativa minister

gandangaguru 1 month ago

kuite minster unofanira kunge wakaita night school

gandangaguru 1 month ago

humus trafficking


muvhoterei kuti apinde 1 month ago

muvhoterei kuti apinde nekunamata

Me 1 month ago

Ehe zvaChamisa tazvinzwa but tofa nekurwara here takamirira June 2023 ko akasapinda mkomana wacho todii?

THE KING CCC FIEND 1 month ago

ZANU pf is in abyss, their leadership in tatters! Their Image is the reflection of failure ,it bears scars mastered by greed.The tears of the weak are their sweetest symphony, it brings joy to their craving hearts, Ooh the tormented generation oppressed by the brod of vipers 😬😬😬😈😈😈

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Healthcare system changed for the worst since the arrival of General Chiwenga. Doctors and nurses migrated in droves for greener pastures overseas. There are no longer drugs in their hospital pharmacies. Those who remained discuss work related issues behind doors. They look gloomy when attending to patients. To tell it as it should be told, General Chiwenga has intimidated healthcare workers, not by his word of mouth or action, but by the knowledge that he came from the army where command is the norm. Doctors and nurses assume that everything coming from him is a command !!!!! The general was posted there to instill discipline and order so that Doctors and Nurses stop work stoppages. He managed to stop strikes, but service delivery delapidated to the lowest ebb.




MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Ivo manurse acho anga ashaya pekuisa hope netrust yavo

Cobra King. 1 month ago

@Blue wakatanga kurakasha ZANU PF when. You are the ZANU PF offspring wani

Tendai Biti 1 month ago

Your don't run a country the command way. Chiwenga is literally ****

tallman 1 month ago

even if ccc gets in to power they will face the same problems

Patriot 1 month ago

Chamisa the real solution to Zimbabwe's problems.

Vote for Chamisa. Vote for CCC

Ngaapinde Hake Chamisa NHC

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

The Health without known qualifications kkkkk. In Zimbabwe whoever called war-veteran or ex-general qualifies for every ministerial post. Its gorilla gvt.


gandangaguru 1 month ago

zuze urizuze wemunhu

Zuze 1 month ago

Aiwa, Retired Dr. General Chiwenga is qualified to lead Health Sector. Akarwara zvekuda kufa akararama. So having cheated death he is eminently qualified to head Ministry of Health.

Just like his boss who was fired for incompetence and returned in triumph to lead Zimbabwe.

P.S. The incompetence of both is very clear to see now, 4½ years since the coup

zimboy 1 month ago

ngavaitewo zvezvigunwe...

zimboy 1 month ago

hauzii kuzivaa zvezvigunwe nhywe🤣🤣

shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

zvezvigunwe ndezvipi manje

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