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Nurses Criticise Govt, Threaten To Join Teachers' Strike

Nurses Criticise Govt, Threaten To Join Teachers' Strike

The Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) has voiced support for striking teachers after Primary and Secondary Education minister Evelyn Ndlovu on Thursday announced a blanket suspension of those involved in the industrial action since schools opened on Monday.

In a statement, ZINA threatened to join the strike by teachers if the Government doesn’t immediately revoke the “unlawful” suspensions. ZINA said:

… we confirm that we stand in solidarity with the teaching profession and echo the grievances they have made to Government.

Instead of using threatening tactics, the Government must engage in genuine dialogue and desist from making unilateral offers that do not address the grievances raised.

We further implore Government to immediately revoke the unlawful suspensions issued out to teachers and invite not only the teaching profession, but the Civil Service at large, to the negotiating table to find a lasting solution.

Should it become clear that the Government intends to proceed with its unlawful position, nurses in Zimbabwe will have to consider their position as we cannot watch our colleagues being punished for grievances that we all share.

The Government recently announced a 20% local currency salary increment and a conversion of part of civil servants’ salaries equivalent to US$100 to be paid in hard cash. This has, however, not pacified teachers.

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War veteran 3 months ago

But guys we were in the bush , fighting the whites for what anywhere. Whites were ruthless and greedy. In came the BLACK oppressors yooooo. Since 1980 the oppressors have been pressing harder making it very difficult for us to breath.
Egypt kwaiva nane. Izvi zvanyanya. Inga taimbowirirana wani apo paMugagao. Ko chii chaipa ma comrades. Musashungurudza vanhu avo vatarwira nokufira . Ini ndinodawo Zimbabwe yatairangana tiri kunze.
Civil servants , particularly teachers scale up the war, fight even harder you are in a toughest battle.
Chinotimba wanyarara wani hauone here utsinye hwava nevamwe vedu.
These teachers are shaping our generation let's support them.
MaComrades kukundwa here kuita support this cause na Killer Zivhu asina kana zvaakaona muhondo.
Where are you guys from Tembwe, Chibawawa,
Mumabase taudza povo kuti magandanga were fish and povo water. Inga taimbowirirana wani. Zvaipa papi fish and water. Hauchada henyu kana kucheuka mvura Inova habitation yenyu. Mvura ikapera muchazoona kuti hamupamiri.

Sir Ndhlumbi 3 months ago


Wave 3 months ago

Every civil servant, workers in the private sector, parents, even learners and college/University students should join in the teachers strike because these malicious slave wages have a psychological effect to all of us in one way or the other!


Tk 3 months ago

'E is no gvnt here ,in zim ,what's left is country wide retaliation

Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne Zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ccc

Sponono 3 months ago

@Sponono(Fake), wakuti bhowa nechi slogan chako - pamberi pamberi chi chacho ? Nduwe une imwechete yaunowacha kamwe pamwedzi opfeka iri nyoro plus nepeya imwechete yemasokisi yakabvaruka kuchitsitsinho. Nxaaaa tibvirepo mhani, iwe feki munhu

EG PFUUU 3 months ago

*Izvizvirikuitika zvikaramba zvichiitika pane zvichaitika chete*

Patriot 3 months ago

I just have few question BT caught me right I don't support the suffering of people,1 is it the teacher issue or economy issue hence all zimbabweans .2 is the law going to reverse the suspension if you take the legal route, I mean the courts. 3 what about the relationship between the current regime and teachers backdating to 1999 ,I think you remember what I mean ?4 do strike really an effective solution or it worsens your welfare you teachers especially according to this regime and your history?

Wave 3 months ago

1. Even if it's about all Zimbabweans, teachers have decided to stand up for their rights 1st and you can't cast a blame on them.
2. The court ruling will be heard after its(the court) 's responnse.
3. The relationship btwn the current regime and teachers does not really matter, you can't suffer quietly because of some bad long time relationship which was caused by some individuals who always want to manipulate other pple's opinions for their own benefit and at the same time want to make teachers suffer simply because they are thought to be affiliated to a certain opposition party, they say its a free Zimbabwe, why then do they hate anyone who doesn't vote for them to that extent, think about it.
4. Besides striking(incapacitation) in this case, which other way can an employee use to provoke the attention of the employer who is fully aware of the genuine suffering of the employee but simply turns a deaf ear to the crying masses?

Mwana wevhu 3 months ago

@Boss Venda, ko hurumende ikati munhu wese ngaadzoserwe ku2007/2008 salary munoita sei ? 50/50

Boss veda 3 months ago

mibvunzo nhando iwe vanhu ngavadzoke ku 2018 Salaries. Do yu think all the teachers & nurses dnt hv brains?

Sponono 3 months ago

Munozviitisa vanhu imi

KHUMALO 3 months ago

*Ngo2008 ngedate yanamhlanje yikho engadla amachunks ayengelamafutha, ngiwapheke ngenkuni ze5trillion, elemibhida ye 5billion ngafaka isawudo le 17billion, kanye lokulitamatisi kwe 3billion*

Angeke ngakukhohlwa lokhu

adroit 3 months ago

ahi if it remain like that cal as must be removed in every learning area

chimuti 3 months ago

Ummmmmmm zvimwe zvacho tongoti mwari ngavaite kuda kwavo

Executioner 3 months ago

Chinyika chaora ichi kkkkk

Chasara kunzwa Mwonzora oti face ya Chamisa belongs to MDC alliance 3 months ago


_(Be parents and help the kids)_

The Zanu pf led government has banned Education in Zimbabwe. The ministry has closed all the public and in some cases private schools in the country . This has been caused by the demand for salary increase by the teachers throughout the country. The Ministry suspended all the teaching staff for the next three months without pay meaning there will be no any single school opening during this period.

What does this mean for parents?... It means parents must take care for their kids. Parents must go pick their kids fro m boarding school. Parents, who have paid fees, bought uniforms, paid for transport to school, bought a lot of food for kids, and or drove to school, will now have to drive again or make any other necessary means to get their kids home.

Our sincere government has no money to pay teachers. They have money for elections. They have money for buying more cars. They have money to buy more Zupco buses. They have money to give to Mwonzora s one man party. TheY have money to do international parties. They have money to finance mashurugwi. They have money to buy elections. They have money to sponsor violence. They have money to relocate resettled Chilonga and Chiredzi people. They have money to follow Chamisa wherever , and whenever he makes any movement. BUT NO MONEY FOR EDUCATION.

Parents, this is the government that we have, this is the our situation. This is real. This is happening. We are not dreaming just wake up and go take yours kids from school. We will make a plan later.

I will not tell parents what to do. I will not tell brothers what to do . I will not tell any reasonable mind what to do. I will assume you know the effects of this suspension of Education yo your kids. If you don't, wait and see. We are in Feb. Three months from now ,it's April and schools will officially closed. Teachers are likely to come back in May but coronavirus will have started it's serious job. And we are likely to go for a lockdown in winder. Leaving only September and October for the kids to learn, study and write the finals. Yes that's heard.

As parents let's talk to the government. Let's think of our kids' future please. Let's leave politics aside . Education is not politics. Let's knock Sense into the government. Let's sit down and ask the government to be our government. Let's tell the government to excuse it's self from government duties if they can't. Let's tell them to be serious with our kids s life if they can.

We now need unity as parents, We don't need to Zanu pf , CCC, Zapu, MDC, or ZANU 1 . We need to parents. *PARENTS LETS BE PARENTS AND DO LIKE PARENTS* .

Tinotendaishe Chidakwa ARTUZ Byo VC 3 months ago

Well articulated cde. You left no stone unturned. You captured there vast corruption. Civil servants and the whole nation deserve a living wage

Prophet Passmore Pasichigare AKA 3Ps 3 months ago

@To All Zimbabwean Parents, chikomenti chako charebesa. Verenga wenga, hatina nguva yekutambisa

Cable Guy 3 months ago

I'm praying for my country

Static 3 months ago

Sometimes it is wise to mantain silence when you do not have enough content or knowledge about the situations which people are facing going to USA leaving yr country without teachers is not the ideal solution here abase your self before uttering

Charger 3 months ago

Ah US handiti ndomari imi maitwa cei

ngorima mushava 3 months ago

was the suspensions illegal? isn't
I think those who are demanding US$ should just resign ,get visas and go to the USA

Chapwititi Kestombela 3 months ago

Join us dear nurses because this country is being run by clueless people. The chefs enjoy unlimited access to forex using underhand methods. When will they see that the country is on bended knees? 🤔

Jenet J 3 months ago

Woe to the crocodile,the water is boiling

3 months ago

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