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Nurses At Mnene Hospital Accuse Senior Staffer Of Abuse Of Office

Nurses At Mnene Hospital Accuse Senior Staffer Of Abuse Of Office

Some staff members at Mnene Mission Hospital in Mberengwa have accused a senior employee and the accounts department at the hospital of corruption and abuse of office.

One of the disgruntled workers who spoke to Pindula News on condition of anonymity accused the hospital Matron, Mollie Marufu, of a litany of transgressions.

The nurse alleged that Marufu used to send her people to workshops who will in return give her gifts and money but now because those staff members are no longer at the hospital, she attends all the workshops. Said the nurse

We are facing a challenge here at Mnene Hospital as nurses. The matron is abusing her office. She used to send people to workshops who will in return give her gifts and money.

Now because all these staff members are no longer at Mnene hospital, she, herself is now attending all the workshops, some of which are even meant for specific nurses.

In January, she was on vacation leave but she went to a COVID-19 vaccination programme.

In February, there was a workshop in Kwekwe which was meant for HIV testers yet she went again with only one nurse even though two nurses who are testers were supposed to attend.

In the second half of the month of February, the Matron was out for the vaccination programme which ran for two weeks.

This meant that ever since she returned from leave, she has constantly been out of the office.

Does this mean nurses at Mnene Hospital are not allowed to attend those workshops or is it just a matter of greediness?

A senior nurse at the hospital complained that since she was deployed to Mnene by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, she hasn’t attended a single workshop.

The nurse said there isn’t a single Registered General Nurse (RGN) or midwife at the hospital who is an HIV tester.

Another issue raised by the nurses is the alleged abuse of result-based funds (RBF) funds at the hospital. Said a nurse:

The accounts department always delays in disbursing the incentive which should be given to staff.

Whenever a staff member goes for study leave or vacation leave, the individual will be removed from the list of people who are supposed to get the incentive.

At other hospitals, as long a person is on the paysheet, he or she will receive the incentive in hard cash.

But here at Mnene, they claim they deposit the money into Nostro accounts.

The disgruntled nurses said the system in place is unfair because they will spend all the incentives on bus fares since they will need to travel to the bank to withdraw the paltry allowance.

The nurses also accused the accounts department of overcharging patients when they want to do a referral to Bulawayo. Added the nurse:

This has been happening for so long, and as nurses, it pains us because these patients struggle to raise the money.

They charge US$120 for fuel to ferry the patient to Bulawayo, yet they will just buy fuel which cost US$60 and they will share the other US$60 amongst themselves.

When contacted for comment, Marufu referred this reporter to the District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr Gwama who said he was busy at the time.

Efforts to reach the DMO later were fruitless as his mobile number was unreachable.

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dhagi 1 month ago

Bulawayo ine zvayo. rape robberies, Mai kurara nemwana wavo ane six years mudhara ane 90 years kirova mu loja netsvimbo yechi Nguni kkkkkk 😄😄😄

munhu wese anoita musindo paPindula dakumuzvambura netsvimbo yechiNGUNI iyo inopenya inogara pasi pemubedha ine musoro wenyoka

Doggy 1 month ago

Haaa mbavha idzi. The whole institution is full of criminals... It's the system that is making these people corrupt. If they were being well paid i guess they would behave greedy and irrational. Please remunerate these fellows as they diserve

Never 1 month ago

Investigations to be done thereafter make a way forward to make life easier for others at workplace.

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

Do you your job zvema workshop hazvina deal izvo

yu 1 month ago

@getto yuth ya its true urimu getto youth you dnt have a clue on how organisations operates let me xul you my youthman a workshop is a session were employees get refining or refresher course towards their field of work ie nurses may attend workshop on how to curb drugs in community then the

workshop organisors can say i will pay 20usd per day f t takes 2weeks you get 280usd hard cash

ndyo mari irikutorwa naSister in charger iyoyo vamwe vachinzi swerai pachipatara muchibaya vana
sakary iripa 25000 rtgs unoitei nayo mari iyo rtgs


Sekuru Bvondo 1 month ago

Can someone give me a logic reason behind PSMAS monthly deductions on evil servants yet all their pharmacies are closed? Where's the money going? Asifuni bumbulu

1 month ago

eil 1 month ago

chimwe chuchakuurayi may fellow civil servants ma medical aud iwaya,why having a contract naPSMS yauniziva kuti ndeyembinga uye inotira pakuru

idi jatatu unofa uchishandira meducal aid nefees

go for other medical aids which offer the same service at a lower price

why uchida kuzviita mbinga iwe uchiwana nzungu

PSMAS tora mari usazeza,usangivhara maphamacy jus change your email adress as well worelocator

Sekuru Bvondo 1 month ago

Can someone give me a logic reason behind PSMAS monthly deductions on evil servants yet all their pharmacies are closed? Where's the money going? Asifuni bumbulu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Citizens always complain of nurses for harassing patients 😀 now its the nurses who feel for patients being overcharged only because they are not allowed to go for workshops.
The anonymous are cowards, if its something hurting you name and shame without fear coz that person in the end will know who reported the matter.

if you report someone as a suspect in your neighborhood the police will arrest that person beat him/her and do their investigations, if found not guilty they ask that person a simple question like, what makes Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 hate you so much? then you know...

chipo 1 month ago

she must be demoted and transfered frim this place .Shes selfish

Chapwititi Kestombela 1 month ago

Don't show your childishness on a free platform please. Focus on the topic, not this level of naivety and nonentity


This senior staff ndeye CCC chete

Sekuru Bvondo 1 month ago

Hazvina kuipa, mafungiro avo. Varoverei maoko

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