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Number Of Registered Tobacco Growers Falls

Number Of Registered Tobacco Growers Falls

More than 121 000 tobacco growers have so far registered for the 2021/22 season, the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has revealed.

Of those who have registered, 66 868 are communal farmers, 41 487 are A1 farmers, with A2 farmers being 6 911 and 6 544 farmers are from the small-scale sector.

Meanwhile, 144 529 farmers had registered during the same period last year. This shows that the number of registered growers has fallen by 19 per cent this year when compared to last year.

Statistics availed by TIMB show that the number of farmers registering for the first time has declined by 196 per cent from 1 716 last year, to 580 so far this year.

TIMB’s stricter grower vetting process and challenges being faced by the industry have been cited as the factors behind the sharp decline.

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Tur 3 months ago

You shouldn’t expect a lot of farmers whilst you are giving them it’s fucked up

Stacey 3 months ago

Sure warimi ngawapihwewo Mari inotenga kurima kunorwadza sure

Master Farmer 3 months ago

Tirikudawo ma price arinani gore rini. Mari ngaikasikewo kubhadharwa veduwe

Nelson 3 months ago

Akomana murimi anofana kupihwawo mare inemusoro kana ashanda nekuti igore rese munhu achishanda apedza momupa 60% Us zvinobatsira chii apa fidya yacho hamutengi nemaprice anofadza varimi wacho , varimi varikupedza mazuva hobho vkamirira kuti fodya itengwe ndochii ichocho , nemiwo vemacontracts musabire varimi vamunenge macontactor munoda kuguta kwenyu bedzi saka varimi vanoitawo mari nepapi nhai? Munofana kupa 90% US kuvarimi

Chibaba 3 months ago

Varimi ngavapihwewo 80% and above yemari yavo arima US$ ,macompany atengewo nemari yepamusoro fodya inorwadza veduwe

Agripreneur 3 months ago

High inputs costs, delays in payments of tobacco sales, farmers being forced to take RTGS instead of US dollars. Part of the sales money being paid as USD into nostro accounts and about 40% paid as RTGS. Tobacco itself is labour intensive and farmers expect good returns not community service. The farmer works hard while the government and the merchants await to make a killing out of the produce. It's common cause a lot of farmers had to sleep at the floors many days awaiting payments. Not to mention that due to lockdowns the tobacco was sold in the absence of the farmer who had to be represented by someone a chairperson in most cases. At the end of day the farmers get frustrated and opt to grow other crops with less hustles.

Raslalo 3 months ago

Pamberi nemogo

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