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NSSA, ZNFT Respond To Corruption Allegations On Social Media

NSSA, ZNFT Respond To Corruption Allegations On Social Media

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and the Zimbabwe National Pensioners Forum Trust (ZNPFT) have jointly issued a statement following reports of corruption by the two organisations. In a statement, seen by Pindula News, NSSA and ZNFT say the allegations originated from individuals who are threatened by NSSA’s success. The two organisations were constituted to provide social security and promote the welfare of pensioners. We present the joint statement below.

NSSA and ZNFT are aware of threads circulating via WhatsApp alleging various acts of corruption and misgovernance. The threads are from sources that are threatened by NSAA’s success and are determined to tarnish the image of NSSA and ZNFT. This is a deliberate ploy to derail the good work that the two have jointly accomplished in improving the welfare of pensioners. It is meant to sow seeds of confusion and disdain and should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

The Board and Management of NSSA have a responsibility to protect the authority’s integrity in the interest of all Zimbabweans. NSSA is an organisation anchored on the tenets of honesty, transparency and accountability. As part of the transformation, Management introduced a whistle-blower policy. This is promoted through adverts in the media posters and whistle-blower boxes at strategic places at all NSSA offices. The Authority also has an Integrity Committee which collaborates with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission in the fight against corruption.

Given the above, it is regretful that there is a small clique that is bent on derailing the transformation journey and taking the organisation back to the dark days of non-accountability, poor service delivery and personal enrichment. NSSA will vigorously pursue all means to nip this cancerous scourge in the bud. The public is advised to dismiss the malicious content circulation and wait for due process to take its course. 

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bishu 2 months ago

just a bland factless statement. no single factual rebuttal of the alleged malfeasance which are numerous. ask if there is a single nssa pensioner satisfied with what this current board and management are paying. 100Us pension now 4000rtgs (about 10Us)

Mutoriro Movement 2 months ago

You are criminals. Tiudzei kuti hamuna kuno itira meeting kunze kwenyika hara, hamusi kutengerana dzimotokari here? Hamunyari kuita humbavha kudaro machembere akashanda achitambura.

Observer 2 months ago

People complain because there is obviously something wrong which needs to be corrected and not because they want to destroy the organization. The blame game will not solve the problem.

mzk 2 months ago

why is compensation for the injured taking decades to meterialize? NSSA you are daylight robbers

dispenser 2 months ago

hachasevenzi corruption like yr gvt

Patrick malunga 2 months ago

Nssa is trying very hard to address issues in these hard times.keep up your promise of $60. The only problem is that you have grouped everyone on minimum even those who were paying more like us on contributions.

bishu 2 months ago

hapana trying apa . check salary dzavo against pensions. munhu anoshanda mumunda mangu otakura kupfuura muridzi wemunda?????


Asalif 2 months ago

people who posted the corruption cases are ZACC officials who are currently doing an audit at NSSA so is it a lie

mafirakireva 2 months ago

Nssa is a criminal dept which needs to be investigated they are thief's . how can they give 7.000 as a pension . they must do something to improve nssa pensioners life

King 2 months ago

Remember Prisca Mupfumira and her grand theft at NSSA?

Gurundoro 2 months ago

Who has benefitted from these govt created institutions.... pensioners we are walloping in abject poverty eg rtgs 700 monthly pension from LAPF.

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