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NSSA To Award Pensioners Once-off $10 000 Grocery Allowance

NSSA To Award Pensioners Once-off $10 000 Grocery Allowance

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) will award pensioners a $10 000 grocery stipend and cushioning allowances this month.

In a statement on Friday, NSSA general manager Arthur Manase said the once-off payment will be staggered within the month and is in response to the rising cost of living. Manase said:

Although we run a social security scheme, which is meant to complement pensioners’ receipts from occupational pension funds, the reality on the ground is that NSSA is now the primary, if not the only, source for pension for most retirees.

As a result, a lot of pressure is placed on NSSA to assist its pensioners and beneficiaries, particularly during this exceedingly difficult phase we are going through.

All NSSA beneficiaries can look forward to a once-off grocery allowance of $10 000 this month.

In addition, we will be awarding them a cushioning allowance equivalent to one month’s pension while we are going through the approval process to adjust pension levels accordingly.

NSSA’s minimum monthly retirement pension pay-out is pegged at US$70 payable in Zimbabwe dollars at the official exchange rate.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Dr Igbu 1 month ago

Wht will they buy after monthend inflation? kkkk chewing gum?

bishu 1 month ago

2 litres cooking oil 2kg sugar 2kg flour 1kg salt 1 bucket chibage neZesa for 2 weeks.

FredaFreda 1 month ago

Ahh mockery... these guy use your money to buy and build propeties which will generate passive income forever.

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

a paltry $10 000 only buys a 2L cooking oil and 2kg of sugar. Zanu-PF takes people for granted.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

NSSA should be ashamed, that pension was designed to help and its not...

Crocodile 1 month ago

Kuda kuvhara investigation dziri kuda kuitwa paNSSA uku unobatwa chete makadya mari dzema pensioner ka manje muno enda kujeri

chipo 1 month ago

i thank God for the 10000 grocery allowance half a loaf is better than nothing
mwari wachagadzirisa


nassered 1 month ago

Inowuya riini, I mean date

philomina 1 month ago

when is the money coming i in l mean the date

Pensioner 1 month ago

Why is NSSA lying about the minimum pension? I just received 8900 down from 10480 last month as my June pension. Is that equivalent to 70 USD? At last week's auction rate that translates to 27 USD. How insensitive and cruel is this really.Please report the truth NSSA

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