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"NSSA Has Been A Thorn In Our Flesh, Heads To Roll" - President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has bemoaned the maladministration of the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) saying the authority has “been a thorn in our flesh.

He made the remarks in his weekly column for The Sunday Mail, in which he said the “sheer lack of creative management” is affecting NSSA’s potential to meaningfully contribute to economic growth and development.

He also expressed the same feeling for other parastatals such as the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ), and Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) saying heads will roll.

On the eve of my departure for Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum (WEF), I got a disheartening report pointing to corporate rot in NSSA.

This isn’t the first time Government had got such a disturbing report; NSSA has been a thorn in our flesh, a pain that will not go away.

Why such a cash-rich institution with such a wide remit on investment possibilities simply decides to stash millions, and abuse no less, in a country and economy so embattled by both endogenous and exogenous adversities, no sane human being can ever fathom, least of all those of us in Government.

NSSA’s equivalents in various jurisdictions are on the cutting edge of public investments.

They determine the national course and direction. Not so our NSSA here.

The time may have now come for us to re-locate the headache to where it should be suffered, namely in heads of those begetting corporate malfeasances, all to our collective detriment.

He said while the number of workers paying subscriptions to NSSA continues to increase, reflecting positive economic growth, this was not being matched by a commensurate public investment by the social security authority.

NSSA) and the Zimbabwe National Pensioners Forum Trust (ZNPFT) recently denied reports of corruption by the two organisations saying the allegations originated from individuals who are threatened by NSSA’s success. 

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Dr Hercules 1 month ago

President putting out fires everywhere.

Sekuru waBona 1 month ago

the most used words by damudzo

without fear or favour

your days are numbered

but chabuda hapana chose chaanotaura mashoko chete action dololo

ndiani akambosungwa

Worker 1 month ago

I payed in 20+ years subscription but when I applied for my pension they said there was a problem with the computer records so I'm not getting a pension. Their system needs auditing.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Action speaks louder than words. Citizens expect to see those heads roll sooner than later. Problems at NSSA did not manifest themselves now, but a long time ago. Former Minister Prisca Mupfumirai was arrested and remanded 4 years ago and she is still on remand !!!!! Mr President, you have set the ball rolling. Citizens, now expect to watch those heads rolling in double quick time in those departments you have mentioned.




Maparamuro 1 month ago

You can't act Mr Prezo because it's your people who are looting those institutions. You could only act if you had hired professionals to do the job with professional contracts manje idzi ihama neshamwari, munozonyarira kupi

Zuze 1 month ago

Ichokwadi here nhai Shefu zvandiri kunzwa nemakuhwa kuti muri kuda kuti Emmer Junia ndiye aite Chairman weNASSA?

Ndanzwa futi kuti Purisira akadzingirwa kuti haana kuunza mari yakakwana yaakatora kuNASSA. Hameno pamwe kunyepa kwJorijo


Mwakusha 1 month ago

Nssa is one of the many problems.

pensioner 1 month ago

True, NSSA's books are in shambles. My contributions to NSSA were for over a period of 12yrs. On retirement l was only paid a lump some equivalent of 3yrs. Their reason was they were failing to account for the remaining 9yrs.

chipo 1 month ago

nasa inotipa just over 7000 ndeyeyiko? Nasa inodada kwazvo

Mutoriro Movement 1 month ago

Change at NSSA can only happen by first changing our gvt and the ruling part. As long as we keep those guys in power, NSSA will remain a corrupt state organ. Look now ZANU PF ministers (@karoro)have the guts to even hook up with parastatal managers eg @gmb to steal agriculture inputs. Shame on us Zimbabweans, Julius Male a once said we are perpetrators of our own demis by allowing ZANU PF to remain in power. Male a said we are our own cowereds.

Patriot 1 month ago

Chamisa Ngaapinde

Blue 💙 1 month ago


Vote for Chamisa. Vote for CCC
Ngaapinde Hake Chamisa NHC

Kanda 1 month ago

wakuti Mupfumira manje uribenzi wairamba tichikuudza kuti kwakabiwa ku NSSA unoda kuoma musoro zvenhema @Blue now see your president has spoken wakunyaraka , Siya zveZanu pf you don't know anything

Dzvamu 1 month ago

NSSA hapna hapana, mari yainopa yepension yacho inobhowa. Kuita shoma shoma kudaro ngainyarewo mhani, top brass yekuNSSA ndovari kudya nemacontributions edu.

Gabbu 1 month ago

Ko vakadzoka kuDavos

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