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NRZ Suspends Urban Commuter Train Service

NRZ Suspends Urban Commuter Train Service

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has temporarily suspended the urban commuter train service “due to capacity challenges”.

In a statement, NRZ Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Manager Andrew Kunambura said the suspension is with effect from 28 November 2022. He said:

The suspension was occasioned by an unsustainable operating environment arising from huge debts owed to NRZ by ZUPCO.

NRZ was therefore left with no option but to suspend commuter trains from 28 November due to capacity challenges.

Normal services will resume once ZUPCO fulfills its obligations as set in the agreement.

The urban commuter train service was launched in partnership with ZUPCO last year to ease congestion in Bulawayo and Harare at the height of the coronavirus crisis. | CITE

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2 months ago

Kana kurega

Sir Vast 2 months ago

It's only in Zim where one cannot trust his own shadow,, bogus mega deals, bogus private-public partnerships😭😭😭

Tang ku 2 months ago

A barbaric government with no option to rescue the citizens , only good in distruction and crying for removal of sanctions **** dzenyu vana Yasha Mafidi Emmerson Tambuzo Nangaza ibvai machembera

Nahoreka 2 months ago

Where is the gvnmnt in all this? The deterioration at NRZ started somedays back and everybody coul see that things were not going well there, but the zanu gvnmnt just ignored and did nothing. The zanu gvnmnt is only concerned about how to stay in power, how to suppress the masses....... now things are not working well zupco itself as we speak...the standards there are deteriorating by the day. Operators are withdrawing their busses and combies en mass, rampant dismissal of workers is going on, workers are not getting salaries and its about 4 months now without salaries...etc etc. But the so called gvnment is doing nothing, busy fighting its own people just to remain in power.. parthetic...

Sir African 2 months ago

Smith was right when he said standards will be lowered now there are no standards to talk about.

Chief 2 months ago

Pindula siyanai nekutipa news dzebhora becoz hamungapi vanhu munyaya evrytime ndokudiiii ikoko hamugoni kufambirana netym hre ? Ipapa tichaona makutipa magames akatambwa last week kuwold cup ukoo

2 months ago

Government neHuremende hazvisi kuwirirana 😂


Bigers 2 months ago

Our Freedom train reminds me of 2008 Zvanke zvakaoma vakomana .

Cde hondo 2 months ago

This was bound to happen everything ED and zanu does will fail. Tiudzei pamakabudirira tinzwe

Vesto 2 months ago

Second Dispensation/Destruction achievements can be written on the back of a postage stamp, with plenty of room left over for all World Cup adverts.

Kopo 2 months ago

Saka 2030, yacho inozonaka sei kana tichit 2 steps mberi 500steps back.. Akomanaka

Tateguru 2 months ago

Ivo vainyora train kuti Zupco kkkk.

2 months ago

ZUPCO hombe

Ccc 2 months ago

Chamisa chete chete☝️☝️☝️

NHUBU 2 months ago

chitima chedu tochida especially ruwa

Doug 2 months ago

Where are the VW zupco buses? Where are the new buses which were supposed to be coming at 90 buses per week? Zupco was supposed to be self sufficient in its own buses by now, if what was said when buses started coming in had happened. With the kombis and pirate taxis back in full force, commuters are now getting to work on time, and getting back home earlier. The ZUPCO and NRZ problem should actually be resolved by the Transport Ministry and government and there is no reason why the passengers who had become used to this convenient mode of transportation should just be dumped.

2 months ago

Tagwireyi haachadi nemabhazi ake

tims 2 months ago

zupco must go

Vesto 2 months ago

ZUPCO neZANU are Siamese twins, joined at the heads. They die together

Jonso 2 months ago

Mahumbwe a muri kuita kuparadza nyika henyu Rhodes huya uone vanhu vaya

Gunfire 2 months ago

Nrz should have done their own thing separately. Why trust a failed entity. Mobva masangana zvidhakwa... Pane chobuda

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