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NRZ Reverses Decision To Suspend Commuter Trains

NRZ Reverses Decision To Suspend Commuter Trains

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has reversed its decision to suspend urban commuter train service less than 24 hours after announcing the move.

On Saturday, 26 November, NRZ public affairs and stakeholder relations manager Andrew Kunambura said the service would be suspended from Monday, 28 November.

But in a statement on Sunday, 27 November, Kunambura said he was withdrawing the previous statement. He said:

NRZ hereby withdraws the press statement issued this Saturday 26 November 2022 on the [suspension of commuter train service].

The commuting public will be updated if there are any new developments.

Any inconvenience caused to our valued customers and other stakeholders is sincerely regretted.

The NRZ commuter trains ply various routes in Harare and Bulawayo and were introduced last year through a partnership between the NRZ and the Zimbabwe Passenger Company (ZUPCO).

The introduction of commuter trains was aimed at lessening congestion and easing the transport challenges that urban commuters were facing.

Yesterday, Kunambura said the suspension of the service was necessitated by ZUPCO’s failure to pay overdue fees. He said:

The suspension was occasioned by an unsustainable operating environment arising from huge debts owed to NRZ by ZUPCO.

NRZ was therefore left with no option but to suspend commuter trains from 28 November due to capacity challenges.

Normal services will resume once ZUPCO fulfills its obligations as set in the agreement.

Any inconvenience caused to our valued customers is sincerely regretted.

NRZ’s U-turn will come as a huge relief to commuters as trains provide a cheaper mode of transport compared to kombis.

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Zanu pf 2 months ago

kkk dzavhundutsirwa🤣🤣

tim tim 2 months ago

obvious kumisa chitimaa munenge manyadzisa mutungamiri pa development yaange aiita munyikaa

2 months ago

That is why NRZ is in its current situation. Providing a service which they are not being paid for, a free service. Vachabhadharwa sei vashandi veNRZ when zupco is not paying ?? .NRZ is a business and if zupco is not paying suspend services simple .

ndunge 2 months ago

chaora chinhu ichii

Mai vakono ndunge 2 months ago

Mai vako ndivo vaora wanzwa

mwana wevhu 2 months ago

dzangova nharo asi chabuda hapana. Munoti kutaura ndiko kuita here. nyaru nyaru madzosa makombi wani

Andrew Kanambura 2 months ago

We made a business decision but ndafonegwa na 2am, kwahi urikuda kuedza kuattempta kuita sei chaizvo😭😭😭

2 months ago

Kwahi uri kuda kuita sabotage musangano here iwe?


Doug 2 months ago

What was the composition of the NRZ which made a decision to stop, and what was the composition of the NRZ which reversed the decision? What changed or has changed between the decisions?

Nimrod 2 months ago

This is election season. You don't make sound business decision during such a period. Basa tinogona kupera. Be warned.

NHUBU 2 months ago

kumisa chitima changu hazviite ndinopika nacho paruwa apa hapana kwechinoenda

Tateguru 2 months ago

Ndakavaudza kuti kubvisa sticker redu reZupco costs thousands of USDs

dgj 1 month ago

sebekubuzile ukuthi u free nini siyo shopela Xmas or the Lord is your shepherd

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