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"Not Even True" - Mangwana Speaks On "ZANU PF's Valentine's Dinner"

Zimbabwe’s Secretary for Information, Nick Mangwana has said reports circulating on social media suggesting that the ruling ZANU PF will host Valentine’s Dinner are “not even true.” The flyer read:

ZANU-PF Valentine Gala Dinner Prices:

  • To sit next to Emmerson illnangagwa- LS$2.2m
  • To sit next to Constantine Chiwenga – US$2. 1 m
  • To sit next to Nick Mangwana & Goerge Charamba – US$95 000.
  • To sit next to Victor Matemadanda & other politburo members – US57 500.

Commenting on the flyer, Mangwana said:

It’s not even true. I am not your tasty eye candy. Spend your Valentines with yours.

Meanwhile, you can watch a Valentine’s video by one of Zimbabwe’s upcoming artists, ADVENT Abiun SHOKO, here:

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MuGrade 2 4 months ago

Pindula ndisu vanhu 🏋️a million of Zimbos supporting pindula..a people centred initiative.

MANNERS MAFUDZE 4 months ago

Regai ndibvunze ne shona.murikuti imi ve Pindula hamusimi matumira mashoko ayo atanga achiti " ladies and gentlemen " handiti? From Pmdula news?

official position yabva ku Pindula/Techzim chief editor handiti?

Tops 4 months ago

Yatongoo confusion yega yega inini ndato confused asi ndukufungidzira kuti editor uyo ndiye chaiye bt manje sei asina kuzozvibuditsa se news sezvinoitika vachi advertiser ka app kawo ahhhh amheno 😵😵😵😵😵😵


Pindula News 4 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that it has come to our attention that we are being accused of being vicariously liable and responsible for all forms of vulgar language being perpetrated on this platform. We have pondered on some short term measures to bring this inhuman behavior to a screeching halt. Therefore, sooner or rather than later, we going to introduce an email based comment section where one is required to confirm his/her email password and phone number before posting a comment for the purposes of tracking those who are not morally upright.


J 4 months ago

@ Doroguru tell them to use the app they won't be able to see the comments

Sir🔥🔥🔥 4 months ago

Atidi vanhu vanonyepa pano mukuzviti ana pindula iyo pindula inouya ku in box here kana kti inongo senda se news musatutyise pano imi

Mumero 4 months ago

We are using lines of econet they is no need yekuti panozonzii chii kana kuti chii munozikanwa mese nemazita enyu chaiwoo kuti iwewe ndiwe ukutuka ZANU or MDC. Zita rako chairo ndiro rinobuda kueconet.. so pliz anyone anonzwa kuda kutauraa zvaanodaa ngaataure if econet doesn't like that it will come to us in a proper way to address us don't say this or that on this platform you will be banned.. not you to be a monitor or admin of this platform.. kune vanhu every time Vanoda hugood izvozvo kumba kwako.. this is so-shoo-mida I say what ever I want is not for the church ndezvenyikaa izvii.. so fuck-off

Mugabe RG 95 4 months ago

@pindula news... excellent move

Pindula/Techzim chief editor 4 months ago

Please disregard this comment as coming from us.When notifying you our valued readers we will use the proper channel,you are the bloodline of this open and informative platform where freedom of speech is practiced be it constructive, foolish and out right dumb.All WE ASK IS FOR YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD OUT ABOUT US SO THAT MANY CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THIS FREE PLATFORM

Doroguru 4 months ago

That'll be welcome @Pindula because some of us introduced this platform to our inlaws and some comments passed here are not commensurate with our ideals and beliefs as Zimbos. 👏👏

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