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Norton MP Mliswa Says Chinese Companies Are Fueling The Black Market In Zimbabwe

Norton MP Mliswa Says Chinese Companies Are Fueling The Black Market In Zimbabwe

Norton legislator (Independent), Temba Mliswa, has accused Chinese contractors and businesspeople working in Zimbabwe of fuelling black market activities.

Open Parly quotes Mliswa saying the Chinese are paid in local currency by the government then they take the local currency to the black market to buy US dollars which they externalise to their country.

The legislator said it was sad to note that the government is engaging foreign companies and then paying them in local currency which they cannot repatriate to their countries. He said:

The Chinese companies – the whole thrust was to empower the local companies because they did not need foreign currency. If they needed foreign currency, they would go to the auction after being paid by Government in RTGs.

‘Now you have got foreign companies that are coming in and this is where the problem is, the local companies must go to auction. They are being paid especially the Chinese companies, they go on the black market and the inflation goes up and then they externalise that money. So, a lot of money is being externalised as a result of that because they are not interested in the RTGs.

Mliswa, a former ZANU PF member, said the government knows “very well” that foreign companies are saboteurs in terms of increasing inflation.

He urged Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi to issue a statement in response to the reports. has alluded to.

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c 3 weeks ago

that's true

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Truth alone, its the Chinese with the help of sons and daughters of the government 😀

😂 3 weeks ago

Chinese puppet Z. Z. will defend his master.

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

Ziyambi Ziyambi u mean? His eyes are configured to Look East.

CDE 3 weeks ago

I saw it happening in the so-called Cross-country China shop, the PINK manager sells local currency to street scavengers at a very inflated rate.

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