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No Immediate Funding For Power Imports - Soda

No Immediate Funding For Power Imports - Soda

Zimbabwe has no immediate funding to ease the current electricity crisis, Energy and Power Development Minister Zhemu Soda revealed on Friday.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Soda admitted that the country is facing a power crisis. He said:

The government is making an intervention. This is a crisis situation and we hope through that intervention, funding will be available to apply for the additional capacity that we are looking forward to getting from our neighbours.

Zimbabwe’s hopes of importing additional electricity from Zambia were dampened with the neighbouring country set to commence a six-hour daily load-shedding regime from 15 December.

On Friday, Zambia’s Energy minister Peter Kapala issued a ministerial statement in Parliament saying the country’s power utility, ZESCO, will implement a load management regime aimed at rationing power generation at the Kariba Complex to avoid a complete shutdown.

Meanwhile, Soda said Zimbabwe is importing a combined 250 megawatts (MW) from South Africa, Zambia, and Mozambique.

He said additional negotiations are ongoing, with 150MW expected from Mozambique.

The Zambezi River Authority (ZRA), which manages the Zambezi River on behalf of Zimbabwe and Zambia cut ZESA’s power generation capacity to 300MW down from 600MW, while ZESCO will reduce generation to a maximum of 800 megawatts until further review.

Zhemu urged consumers to reduce their load by employing energy conservation and efficiency measures. He said:

The ministry urges all consumers to reduce load by employing energy conservation and efficiency measures. Lights must be switched off in all offices at night and other measures like rightsizing of equipment, use of energy savers.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Kurai Matsheza said a failure to address the power crisis will be a huge blow to manufacturers during the busiest season of the year. | NewsDay

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Nahoreka 2 months ago

Haaa tirikutongwa nezvishuri all along they were not planning untill this crisis as at our doorstep! Even chiri chokwadi kuti mudam hamuchina mvura, vaivepi mvura ichipera since last season? Why cudnt they put measures so that when the dam dries up, they switch to plan B? So all along they were only busy chasing Nero uku zvinhu zvichifa ?

👤 2 months ago

Nero anovashaisa hope kani,kana izvozvi zvekuti zvipatara hazvina mishonga havazvione vachingofunga nezva Nero chete

2 months ago

Next year tinenge takushandisa satelite kuona kuti Kariba one mvura here , muzvipatara mune mishonga here , Mari dzema civil servants dzrikuvakwanira here, maroads edu akamira sei.

Tintin 2 months ago

I think someone is tarnishing the image of our supreme leader E.D.

👤 2 months ago


chibhanguzaa 2 months ago

there's no image tarnishing, they're just revealing what's on the ground

As I see it 2 months ago

You mean supreme civil servant who is supposed to serve the people.

comment critic 2 months ago

vanhu vanowona bhora musatijairire bhora richipera post results ipapo.hatidi kunetswa vanhu vakuubvunza kuti bhora rakapera sei putse"ki mhani.

@ comment critic 2 months ago

how far Ghana vs Uruguay 🤣🤣🤣

Suarez 2 months ago

Ghana takayirakasha 2.0, asi tese tiri kuyenda kumba. Cameron beat Brazil 1.0 but same fanana Cameron kumusha.


aah aah yii yii 2 months ago

me did year nu maZanu pf and your leader Munangagwa

you hv money to give loans to mp n ministers yet the major things die lyk that

Me soon year nu

2 months ago

This nation is lead by complete clueless and incompetant leaders.leaders without a brain. Pese paaitaura kumas**** achiti pane zvatirikuita wanikwe akuti hapatorina funding for power imports wat were they doing. This country should be closed.

Mmmm 2 months ago

Do we have leaders????

2 months ago

With $40k one MP can pay $540 to a civil servant for 6yrs,

$500k one Minister can pay $540 to a civil servant for 77yrs

$350k one Dep Minister can pay $540 to a civil servant for 54yrs.

Is the Zimbabwean government broke or sanctions cause us failure to buy cancer machines ?

Is our government really broke to pay our civil servants a living wage.

👤 2 months ago

zvinhu zvacho here,ini ndototi ipapo vakagonesa chaizvo kupa maMP nema legislator mari idzodzo.kune mazengenene aye 4ED vachapepuka chete gore rino

👤 2 months ago

Zimset 2 funding

2 months ago

Useless Ministries so far
1) Finance

ndunge 2 months ago

wasiya we sports yyu ndomboko **** chairo

Black Jack 2 months ago

Ko nhai veduwe ko Nyika zvayangova mu darkness mudzimba during the day. NO ZESA. NO MAGETSI EVERYDAY HERE??? Aaaah its now boring. We can't cook during the day cause there is no ZESA. Is this happening also kuma SHEFU or its only to the POVO. Please tipei magetsi. The government should quickly do something. We are starving when the food is in the house. NO ZESA. Tobika nei uku takatenga magetsi akapamhidzirwa futi. Ava kudhura. And magetsi acho hakuna. What is this nhai? We are now behind ZAMBIA economically yet it never used to be like that. What is happening???? Is this how the MANTRA "NYIKA inotongwa nevene vayo?" MEAN. SHAME on you Zimbabwe. Give Us Electricity during the day please. We need it for cooking and many other things PULEEEZ!!!!!!

zetdc 2 months ago

cde u want power to cook only? is toda power for work kuindustry uku kut Mari iite vekubika use gas u mincompop dimwits

👤 2 months ago

@ black jack uchiri kuchemera magetsi ekubika,uchiri ryt my friend.tengai huni kna marasha mubike

comment critic 2 months ago

this is the voice of a female commenter...if a male he is gay.

Conundrum 2 months ago

Saving electricity with load shedding = no revenue which = financial difficulties which then = increased tariffs to the consumer

Shampoo 2 months ago

Zve ELECTRICITY in Zimbabwe is now Embarrassing. It reminds me of those years when there was no bread or cooking oil. When is Zimbabwe going to improve.

dj 2 months ago

murikupa ma MP mari but nyika hayina magetsi . maidziva kuti Kariba hayisina nvura makangotarisa wht are doing, vote for Chamisa CCC chete chete

S 2 months ago

Haaaa @dj you are right. We need another PARTY to rule Zimbabwe so there can be competition. So we can see which Party is better. Not to rely with one Party only. Now look, the Country is in the dark. Electricity is now coming back when we have gone to bed, nearly at midnight. Can Zimbabwe be a better country by the year 2030 when it's going like this???? It seems the country is going backwards. Yangova CHERIMA yega yega. kkkkkk . Bvumai kuti mazvitadza kwete kutipa ma **** excuses . Lame excuses.

Chamatams 2 months ago

Iwe @ZETDC can you work on an empty stomach. You need to eat so that you can work kuma industry kwacho ikoko. Iwe ndiwe Zi DOFO re munhu nxaa. Gas my foot. Richakuputikira mumba imomo. And not everyone can afford it. Nxaa.

S 2 months ago

Uyo ariķuti biking nema Rashara. Ini ndakambo batirwa kutengesa marasha iwayo ndika bhadhariswa mari ku Avondale Police Station.

As I see it 2 months ago

While saving electricity it = no revenue which = financial difficulties which then = increased tariffs to the consumer.

As I see it 2 months ago

Saving electricity = no revenue which = financial difficulties which then =increased tariffs to the consumer.

Dofo 2 months ago

500,000 loan ya minister One inobhadhara 925 workers vachipuhwaUS 540each,,the name Soda is usually🤣 associated ne vanhu ve ma drama

StoreKeeper 2 months ago

We have poor quality bicarbonate in stock

Shampoo 2 months ago

Hey people becareful vanhu ve EMMA hava bvumidze vanhu vanotengesa Marasha. Uno batwa. Zvakaoma

S 2 months ago

Tariff increased to a country with no Electricity to the povo. Haaaa tough!!!!

Napoleón 2 months ago

@conundrum, right on spot sure no electricity no revenue whenever the electricity will be available tarrifs are going to be raised it will be vicious cycle

Mhofu Yelembe 2 months ago

Zvakaoma zvemagetsi izvi

2 months ago

Masanxtions akadanwa neccc d o fo re zanu rinodaro

Lk 1 month ago

These guys are hopeless

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