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No Holiday Lessons, Vacations, Retreats In Schools - Govt

No Holiday Lessons, Vacations, Retreats In Schools - Govt

The Government has reiterated that extra lessons during the holidays remain illegal even for classes that will sit for public examinations later in the year.

Director of communication and advocacy in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Taungana Ndoro said the banning of holiday lessons this term is aimed at protecting learners and teachers from the novel coronavirus. Said Ndoro:

We have noted a trend that these schools are trying to circumvent the system by coming up with fancy names for these extra lessons.

Some are terming them vacations, others are saying they are retreats, but what won’t change is that these remain as extra lessons and extra lessons remain illegal for this term.

Schools must stop misleading parents and pupils that they applied and got clearance from the Ministry.

That is not true and any school that conducts these extra lessons must be prepared to face the consequences. Even if they apply they will never get the clearance this term.

The danger with these holiday lessons is that there won’t be proper monitoring taking place at these schools to ensure adherence to the COVID-19 prevention protocol.

Hence they might expose both the learners and the teachers to this pandemic.

More: The Sunday Mail

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maone 1 month ago


nysh 1 month ago

these kids have been in school all along since they opened. now the gvt wants to protect them from the virus? this is a vindictive move aimed at disempowering the teacher. so we now have a gvt that "hates" its own citizens?

Ministry of Education 1 month ago

The root cause of zero pass rate is deployment of non Ndebele speaking teachers in Ndebele speaking communities, at primary level a kid will then be forced to first learn shona before learning mathematics, content or any other subject, or the teacher will spend better part of his/her carrier trying to learn the local language, for a teacher to teach there must be a communication between the teacher and the student but the communication now is now the one teaching the other the language, it's unfair, nommater how loud we cry for local teachers or teachers who understands local language to be deployed at our schools, our cries are falling on def ears, but today somebody is saying let's close school and go to panning, thus shows complicity in the deliberate ploy for extinction of certain group of people or certain ethnicity, i don't think he was going to advocate for closure of school if it was a school where his kid goes to

tutir 1 month ago

a simple question how can a maths lesson be taught in shona or ndebele??

you need to mive off from such denial mode

tearchers are earning 25000rtgs country wide but are teaching well kids are doing well
then in matebeleland u fail even to construct a paragraph in nebebele language
you claim you know ndebele but cant write a full page composition titled Myself

greaty 1 month ago

shame on u

war vet 1 month ago

wangu ndoendesa.

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

REMEDIAL LESSONS or EXTRA LESSONS or HOLIDAY LESSONS have bn there even during the colonial error.It is just in naming that makes a difference so stopping them is tantamount to stopping pupils from doing corrections and forbidding them to catch up with the lost time due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
The gvnmnt shld not sacrifice our children on the political alter bcoz of the on going feud between teachers and their paymaster.I dont see why these lessons can be stopped if teachers were paid a descent salary.
Most of these gvnmnt officials' children dont learn lacally so they hve nothing to loose.Pliz leave us to decide on our children because they are our future.


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

You can't protect kids from the pandemic if their parents are packed in beerhalls 😀

1 month ago

vidal 1 month ago

wotoona rimwe richivhotera Zanu Pf

hoyoo 1 month ago

these nigga ain't safe .How come there just bt fckn losers. I think its tym to stand up as a ☝ nation . ₩@¥#€

CCC 1 month ago

seen yourself voting for Zanu pf in 2023 you need mental health at all

this party is done and dusted

Happy 1 month ago

You are killing our education

yaah ma1 1 month ago

zvakaoma shuwa,,amana team iri risadaro.
takatotemba maextra iwaya for vana vedu,,mari yemaprivate schools hatina.
mukuda vana vedu vasadzidzewo here amana

Vote ❎ CCC, Vote CHAMISA 1 month ago

But your kids goes to elite private schools, where they study Cambridge. Hazvina mhosva. Ndosaka Mwari akaita kudzidza hakukonesi munhu kufa.

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