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No ED-Chiwenga Power Transfer Deal, Says ZANU PF Youth League

No ED-Chiwenga Power Transfer Deal, Says ZANU PF Youth League

The ZANU PF Youth League has dismissed as unfounded claims by former youth leader Jim Kunaka that President Emmerson Mnangagwa agreed to hand over power to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga at the end of his first term.

In a media briefing in Gweru on Tuesday, ZANU PF Youth League Secretary for Legal Affairs, Phineas Makombe said former members who call themselves “Original ZANU PF Youths”, among them Kunaka and FEEZ leader Godfrey Tsenengamu should never be taken seriously on ZANU PF matters. Makombe said:

This morbid comedy of error is led by one Tsenengamu and a Jim Kunaka. With regards to the legality of their claims, I have seen it most prudent to refer to the self-same constitution that is the cornerstone of our Revolutionary Party.

First and foremost: there is no party structure called “Original ZANU PF Youths.

… These two agent provocateurs, charlatans and kantangaras characters have not been reinstated into the Party which long expelled them.

Makombe also denied allegations that Mnangagwa had formed parallel party structures to buttress his alleged Lacoste faction. He said:

Furthermore, the same chapter 1 (subsection 2) states that; “any organization, association or society whose members are citizens or residents of Zimbabwe and whose aims and objectives are not inconsistent with those of the party can be members of the party”.

The above allows for the formation and existence of affiliates of the Party. This has been the basis for the formation and continued existence of notable organizations like the War Veterans Association, the War Collaborators Association, Children of War Veterans Association etcetera.

This has lately seen the creation of more groups such as; Young Women for ED, Men BelievED and Councillors for ED to mention but a few.

To that effect, the reason why these affiliates strongly mention ED is that it is where we are as a Party.

Last week, Kunaka held a press conference in Harare where he claimed that Mnangagwa had reneged on a power transfer deal with Chiwenga which was allegedly made after the 2017 military coup.

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??? 2 weeks ago

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Zuze 2 weeks ago

To destroy what was left of the Health infrastructure

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 weeks ago

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Da Truth 2 weeks ago

Nyimanai ma zizi mbori tozokupedzai mose . Elections or no elections the storm is coming.

Mukadota 2 weeks ago

Muchibage umo makamboitirwa mwana nevamwe CDE. Mese muno aziva. I bet Mliswa can't beat him pa serial fathers competition

Mukadota 2 weeks ago

Pindula mungabva mati KANTANGARAS 🤣🤣🤣here vakomana??? It's cantankerous

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

English pronouncer of the year goes to the one and only Orod Pumura .

Zuze 2 weeks ago

@Mukadota, haisi fault yePindula. Pindula was quoting Makombe. Makombe appears to be as dyslexic as some VP we know.



Jimu Kunaka and Godfrey Tsenengamu are not the first ones to allege that there was this gentleman agreement between His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa and former army General Honorable Vice President Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga. This issue has been doing rounds in social media.

If it was a gentleman's agreement where no pen and paper were used, there is no way ZANU PF youth league secretary for legal affairs would have known it. If this deal was indeed sealed, it was done before the formation of the current government and therefore there was no way the likes of Makumbe would have known about it.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Gafa 2 weeks ago

Hazvinei nesu zero plus zero is.... ukagova zero unosara nezero unopa zero saka hapana hapa

linox 2 weeks ago

Mugabe wakaramba kuti hamuna factionalism muZanu ,mangwana akafumo vharirwa , papi pacho pavachati tikumamisana,,😛😛😛😛asi shiri inozongofa

Putin 2 weeks ago

ED must go
Zanu pf must go
please register to voter for CCCfor real change

Vanhu avo vari vaviri vakawhinha zimbabwe kuma kasa here zvavanoti iwe tonga ndozotongawo...

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