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Nkosana Moyo's Former Party, APA, Endorses Robert Chapman As 2023 Presidential Candidate

Nkosana Moyo's Former Party, APA, Endorses Robert Chapman As 2023 Presidential Candidate

The Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) has endorsed Robert Chapman, of the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) as the Presidential Candidate for the 2023 general elections following the departure of its founding president Nkosana Moyo.

In a statement issued on 14 December 2022, APA said it cannot in good conscience form an alliance with either ZANU PF, MDC, or CCC, because they do not share the same values of meritocracy-based politics. It said:

… we cannot in all conscience support either ZANU PF or the MDC in its various guises, including that of CCC.

Both parties have consistently displayed a culture of violence, intolerance towards those who might challenge the top leadership, misogyny and a lack of depth in finding practical solutions to the self-inflicted challenges that face our country.

The latest stampede for $40 000 “loans” should have convinced even the most ardent of their supporters that current politicians have a self-serving agenda to join the system.

APA said the decision to back Chapman follows several meetings between officials from both parties. The party said:

We have, however, held several meetings with Robert Chapman, of the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe, over several months and have found a common cause in core values and competence.

APA is, therefore, happy to endorse him as the Presidential Candidate for 2023. We call upon our members and all those Zimbabweans who believe, understand and support our message to engage with the messaging from and vote for Robert Chapman for President.

In a sense, we are passing the baton from Dr Nkosana Moyo the democrat and technocrat to Robert Chapman, the democrat and technocrat. We also encourage our supporters to vote APA where APA fields its own candidates for parliament.

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Robert Chapman 1 month ago

Ndazofungisisa fut haaaaa ndava kuda kuita hangu zveAgriculture zvechiparty changu izvi kuteya nzou neriva ngativhoterei CCC hedu

is he white 1 month ago

judging by the surname?if white I will vote for him

🤣🤣🤣 nice one 1 month ago

whoever you are

1 month ago

You have a coroniariri mentarity

Sorojena 1 month ago

...and judging by his first name, l won't vote for him "it might be a reincarnation of Robert Mugabe".

Vesto 1 month ago

Join APA and DUZU, the League of No-Hoppers. MaDuzu (blisters) ega ega.

Vesto 1 month ago

APA what kind of a party only the MDC is non violent and people orientated that's why the whole of Zimbabwe wants president Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora as president come 2023 because MDC Ndizvo Chinja Maitiro Maitiro Chinja🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️

tinTin 1 month ago

I won't be surprised to find out you are the real douglas mwonzora campaigning for yourself

mbuya bhemba 1 month ago

muzukuru @ tintin unenge zvekuwanza izvi unechipo asi chichakurovesa

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Guyz Morocco really played well though vasina kugohwesa but France yayakabatwa
Chaive number 2 ne 7 ne 8 avaite vafana ivavo vaimuvha bhora pakona raidadisa.regai vatambire chele vanotamba vafana vacho


Apa Papi 1 month ago

patichavhotera hatitombokuzivai imi va Chapman vacho. munomboita nezvei

1 month ago

The political parties and the individuals mentioned here are all non-entities which we know nothing about Nkosana Moyo resigned from a non existant political party and then Robert Chapman was appointed from another non existant political party to be presidential candidate of the non existant political party left by Nkosana Moyo... Am I making any sense? 🤔🤔

Ali uribe nzi 1 month ago

no real person can support morocco yakarohwa yakarohwa chete zvichinje nonsense enda unosapota babako panekusapota moroko 1 month ago

kkkkkkkkk kuda kuzopinzwaa muPolad next year

1 month ago

Kutsvaka kuzopinzwa mu polard wopihwa d teq Isuzu wotorarama
Ndozvikungotsvakwa nedzimwe member

Biden 1 month ago

A real party will stand on it's why want to form coalitions with others, time we raise the fee for aspiring presidential candidates to $500 000 us

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