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"Nkomo Family Has Every Right To Exhume Joshua Nkomo’s Remains"

Some Zimbabweans believe that ZAPU leader Sibangilizwe Nkomo has every right to demand the exhumation of his father, the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo, from the National Heroes Acre for reburial in rural Kezi.

Nkomo died on 1 July 1999 and was buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare amid indications that he wanted to be buried in Kezi, a village in Matobo District, Matabeleland South Province.

Speaking at a memorial service of the late ZAPU leader, Dumiso Dabengwa in Ntabazinduna on Monday, Sibangilizwe said he wants the remains of his father to be removed from the National Heroes Acre and the call has received support from ZAPU and some citizens.

Discussing the issue on CITE’s Twitter Space, This Morning on Asakhe, the participants said the Nkomo family has the right to decide where his remains should rest. Said a participant:

Sibangilizwe Nkomo has every right to have this conversation even with his family because if Joshua Nkomo’s family had refused for him to be buried there, there would have been the first family to do that and we have always heard how the State has always intimidated families after the death of National heroes.

The Nkomo family has every right to exhume his body and go and bury him where they want or where he requested to be buried because remember Joshua Nkomo was treated as a traitor by ZANU-PF after Independence because he wanted reconciliation, got into the Unity Accord for the good of the country.

You hear people saying Sibangilizwe is using that for his political Capital but at the end of the day it’s his father, it’s the Nkomo family that has to decide where to bury their father.

Another participant said the Nkomo family was arm-twisted into burying the late nationalist at the National Heroes Acre, thereby betraying what he stood for.

Professor Shepherd Mpofu said the Nkomo family should have challenged the move by the Government to bury Nkomo at the monumental graveyard. He said:

What Sibangilizwe brings across is the problems associated with the failures of creating Zimbabwe as a people.

We knew that he didn’t want to be buried at National Heroes Acre but because of national cohesion, the need to create this United Zimbabwe, and the euphoria that actually comes after his death where every Zimbabwean is sort of seeming United, it was befitting for him to buried at the National Shrine.

I think the Nkomo family should have challenged that act then but again Mugabe wanted to preside over Nkomo’s dead body and weaponize it for his political agenda which he has successfully done for a long time at that shrine.

Ironically, the late former President Robert Mugabe was not buried at the National Heroes Acre after he reportedly instructed his family to bury his remains in a tamper-proof grave at his rural home in Kutama.

However, another participant said there is a need for the family to reveal the reasons why they want to exhume him 23 years later.

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Mazibeka 1 month ago

Find others ways for survival, trying to revive your father s legacy is not in you. You are not good enough. Muntu kazizali. Your father was a leader naturally but you are a follower by design. You did not choose to do the things your father did. You are not a string politician like your daddy but an opportunistic bastard waiting for opportunity to fit in and gain somthing, chance might not come, so do what you have lways done for survival, starting on this path will not take you anyway, you are not good enough, with your mild I. Q vachakufurira vakangwara and leave you stranded. Cherish the little that you are left with and thank your maker. You are good at nothing. Pronouncing past tense like present tense will not reverse time.

Mazibeka 1 month ago

Bhudhi sibangi is a slow thinker. Even continues to show that he is very economic with his I. Q. After how long do you want to rebury your father? In fact who told you that your father needs eeburying? Don't give us the crap yekuti he told you that because they is nothing to show he ever said that. Moreso if your father ever said that you are a **** disobedient son who did not follow his father s wishes, only to remember that after 20years.yoyr father must be turning in his grave for such kind of foolishness in a son. Your mother at birth through away a child and and took with her inqwatshi. Esintwini umuntu jembiwa ethuneni.

bvanyangu 1 month ago

problem is the person under whose leadership this heroes acre was muted apparently declined to be buried there himself, thus raising eyebrows. now it appears others are now following suit, and if the trend continues that place might be empty soon. but how do you block relatives if they wish to relocate their departed's graves?
yes this guy is trying hard to earn some attention i agree, but the truth is what Mugabe did in declining burial at a place he himself was burying others and openly declaring its sacrecy was wrong.

povooo 1 month ago

pakavigwa Ngomwa wacho waivepi Daakkooo rako

Lelo 1 month ago

Mapfupa aNkomo achamuka

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I insist on saying Sibangilizwe Nkomo and his relatives were never forced to bury Umdala Wethu at the Heroes Acre unless they show. strong evidence. It was a prestige for a relative to be buried at the Heroes Acre. SIBANGILIZWE wants to copy the MUGABE'S. My dear Sibangilizwe, to he Mugabes were and are still well organised from his children, mother and relatives, the Chidhakwas, the Leo's, the Zhuwawos. The list goes on.




Law Graduate 1 month ago

@ Chawabvunza, you are probably the only one who was not aware that under Mugabe, heroes were buried at the HEROES acre by ginya.


Chombo 1 month ago

Rubbish other countries are busy talking sense to better thier countries, opposition isina brain kufunga makuva,shut your toilet if can not offer Zimbabwe a future

1 month ago

Dr zi.**** 1 month ago

ngaatinyararire makore ese aya aivepi ,anoti nyangwe akafukurwa ndookuti aitonge here Zimbabwe

Me 1 month ago

Vote #CCC not these other two asi first CCC

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Attention seekers. Desperate to cause disunity. Joshua Nkomo himself in an interview with Jarome Paxman said lets not dig old graves. Cheap politics.

Machiavelli (The Original Don) 1 month ago

Non contendere (No contest)

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