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Nkayi Family Receives 16 Cattle, Cash, Vaccines, Molasses

Nkayi Family Receives 16 Cattle, Cash, Vaccines, Molasses

Forty (40) farmers from the Matabeleland region on Wednesday handed over 13 cattle to the Mpofu family of Dolahali in Nkayi District, which lost 21 cattle after they were mistakenly dosed with a deadly grain protectant.

A total of 16 cattle were donated but two of the beasts will be handed over to the family at a later date.

Two of the beasts could not be ferried to Bulawayo on time while the other one could not be moved due to foot and mouth quarantine measures.

The animal will be sold and proceeds from the sale will be used to buy a cow from a green zone for the family.

The herd of cattle cost about US$25 000 and was handed over to the Mpofu family at the Bulawayo Veterinary Services Department offices.

The family also received cash, hay bales, transport, fuel, medication, dipping chemicals, vaccines and molasses, which added up to a donation value of US$40 000, from well-wishers.

Speaking on behalf of the 40 farmers, prominent farmer and former National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) general manager and board chairman, Alvord Mabhena, said:

When this story broke out in the media, we were told the Mpofu family had lost and buried their 21 head of cattle all valued at US$8 500, at least according to the newspaper.

Right now, we are looking at a total value of 16 top-quality heifers and an equally top-quality bull, all valued at US$25 000.

In addition, all other donations in kind and as outlined above amount to an additional US$15 000, totalling some US$40 000 from some 40 farmers altogether.

Not only have we donated cattle and sundry, but we have helped the Mpofu family to invest for the future with some of the best breeds you can find in the country, helped them restock, and helped the Nkayi community to benefit from the country’s top-quality progeny you are looking at right now.

A family representative, Dennis Mpofu, who was at the event, was at a loss of words following the donation. He said:

Words alone are not enough for us to express our gratitude for the love you have given to us as family.

You have helped my children and by that, you are now part and parcel of the Mpofu family.

I urge all farmers to take all precautions to avoid such disasters happening again.

We are starting a new life as farmers in how we view cattle and we appreciate the farmers’ field school that will be opened at our homestead to assist other farmers.

Dennis was accompanied to the handover ceremony by Orderly Mpofu, who administered the dose leading to the death of the cattle, and Lindani Mpofu, who bought the grain protectant.

The cattle were loaded onto a truck organised by the farmers to take them to their new kraal in Nhlekisa Village following a short handover presentation.

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🌶️🌶️🌶️ 1 month ago


Phidza 1 month ago

This is what Zimbabwe should be like full of love for one another everything happens for a reason, i wouldnt say the disaster left them poorer but it changed their life... a lot of thanks to the well wishers and all involved.

xxx 1 month ago


Miss A 1 month ago

What the enemy meant for evil God has turned it for good.

IT IS I 1 month ago

Hallelujah!. You just reminded me of a sermon l heard just yesterday

Munhu waShe 1 month ago

Chakanaka chakanaka apa vagona ndomweya unodiwa muvanhu.Mwari ngaropafadze vose vabatsira .Hope hazvinei nepolitics

Mai TT 1 month ago

Kune vose vakakwanisa kutambanudza zvipo kufamily iyi Mwari wenyu Harambe akanyarara mubairo wechakanaka muchauona kubva kunawamasimba ose ndataura maropafadzo huupenyu wenyu in god we trust

Yes 1 month ago

Ubuntu, Hunhu, African Ethics , weldone Zimbos, Weldone Matebeland, you make us proud. Kule mushonga yose handi yemombe purizi, didn't administer without full knowledge.


Fari 1 month ago

Wonderful hey

Duduzani 1 month ago

*BREAKING: ZANU PF Minister accused of 'hijacking' cattle donation to Nkayi family*

Information coming from Matabeleland North indicate that the the Provincial resident minister Richard Moyo will preside over the handover of 17 cows, cash and medicines that have been mobilised by a farmers Cattle Mall to support a Nkayi family that lost 21 cattle recently.

The move has been interpreted by social analysts as hijacking the cause that was done by farmers out of good heart.

Sources that spoke to this reporter said the animals arrived in Nkayi on Wednesday afternoon at the Mpofu homestead at Dolahali area in Nhlekisa village.

The District Administrator is said to have indicated that the cattle will be officially handed over by Minister Richard Moyo as part of the protocol of welcoming the donation to the village.

Social analyst Thabo Nkiwane said if the reports were true, the act was against the spirit of Ubuntu.

"If the reports that the political leadership of the area wants to hijack the cause that farmers organized among themselves, then its tragic and unAfrican." He said. "As far as it stands, the political leaders never availed themselves when the tragedy struck therefore it will be opportunistic for them to reap fame where they did not sow."

A representative of Cattle Mall was expected to officially handover the animals at the household after the Bulawayo event which took place on Wednesday morning

student 1 month ago

what a blessing❤️

Doug 1 month ago

Donor are not only foreign and white. Donors are not a church or a politically connected organisation. You and I ca be a donor when the need arises, when the spirit of humanity touches us from inside. Let us share and give happiness to others so they enjoy their stay on earth as nloone will take their money or possessions with them to the grave. It is the feeling of experience one gets after giving that makes one appreciate what life is.

🗣️ Voiceless 🇿🇼 1 month ago

thus good work God blesses those who give, if the nation can emulate such generosity the nation will be blessed as the bible says
"blessed is the hand that gives than the hand that receive"

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

kind gesture. This is the Zimbabwe we want, love for each other.

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