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Nkayi Boy's Father Blames Himself For Son's Abduction

Nkayi Boy's Father Blames Himself For Son's Abduction

The father of Awakhiwe Ackim Ncube, the Nkayi boy who was abducted five years ago and trafficked to Kenya, blames himself for the abduction of his son.

Takson Ncube said that his child may not have been kidnapped had he been around.

Ncube was imprisoned in 2015 for slaughtering his boss’s cow and selling the meat.

When Ncube came out of jail in 2017, his son was missing and his then wife Nobekezelo Maseko had deserted him for another man.

Awakhiwe was left in the care of his grandparents, Ncube’s parents and he was kidnapped while playing with other children at their homestead.

Ncube revealed that he became aware of his son’s abduction while he was still in prison. He said:

Officials came to me while I was in prison and asked me my details and Awakhiwe’s documents as I was the one who kept them at home.

When I asked them why they wanted the details I then learnt that my son was missing.

I believe that being in prison and my wife’s leaving might have contributed to Awakhiwe being kidnapped as my parents were too old to keep up with my children and could not stop them from wandering.

When I came home, I was told that my wife had left and was now married to another man, at the same time my son had been abducted. It was a double loss to me.

After his release from prison, Ncube’s family and community had given up looking for Awakhiwe as he had been missing for more than a year.

Now he is hopeful of seeing his son again following reports that he is in Kenya.

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