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Nine Schools In Kwekwe Register 0% Pass Rate

Nine Schools In Kwekwe Register 0% Pass Rate

More than nine primary schools in Kwekwe District recorded a zero percent pass rate at the 2022 Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) examinations.

Most of the schools are in Kwekwe’s resettlement areas where infrastructural developments are lagging behind.

The statistics were shared by Zibagwe Rural District Councillor Tichaona Chitate and were derived from the district’s 137 schools. Said Chitate:

Schools in resettlement areas are disadvantaged, they do not have resources but are expected to write the same national examinations as schools that are fully equipped. That is a great disadvantage for the learners.

Schools that registered 0% pass rates are Tavanevhu, where 36 set for examinations, Bonwei (17), Ndlamatuli (15), Sunganayi (14), Comyn (13), Melrose (11), Edzai Mpumelelo (10) and Maywood (four) and Riverlea were only one candidate wrote.

Seven schools from the district’s urban area recorded a 100% pass rate.

Some of the schools that recorded over 80% pass rates include Maryward, Dambudzo, Russel, Loreto, Chiedza, St. Martins A and George Hill.

Meanwhile, the country registered a 40.09% pass rate which was a decline from the 41.13% registered last year. |

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Mdc 4ED 1 month ago

Some schools are so far apart that most students just give up. Solution for the most persecuted citizen in whose backyard this took place is ensure every child of an official not under sanctions gets the best education in America. Isn't that what all responsible parents wish for?

Machiavelli 1 month ago

What is wrong with students of areas down south of our country. Something drastic must be done to turn around this situation.

Sabhuku 1 month ago

Merry Christmas to all CCC supporters 🇿🇼

yes 1 month ago

trying hard zvedu kti tifare but kunzima

Machiavelli 1 month ago

To hell with your CCC I have now returned to the revolutionary party were there is sound leadership.

Nimrod 1 month ago

Sad. what is causing such dismal perfomance. to imagine that every parent expect their child to do well and then this.....?

Sorojena 1 month ago

The pass rate is generally poor across the whole country mainly because they were no teachers to teach those children as teachers held a protracted protest boycott for better salaries. Only those who attended the expensive extra lessons did satisfactorily well

zi Zanu 1 month ago

mission accomplished just hope at least 50 schools in mat land got zeros


Mudzidzisi 1 month ago

Tavanevhu Primary school - Hawusundi

Totito 1 month ago

Dambudzo's Home town, so he claims

Fo di pipo 1 month ago

Ndokunobva Economic Developmemt zveee

1 month ago

Kkkk ndyn zveuyu

1 month ago


dee~tales 1 month ago

I really wonder why their parents vote Zanu pf. Zimbabwe's literacy rate to be honest is around 30%

1 month ago

Haa ava veTavanevhu vakashayavo rimwe zita here?

Dofo 1 month ago

Rivelea primary school where one candidate took the examination,,,,zviriko here izvi

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