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Night Burial For Socialite Obert Karombe Sparks Controversy

Night Burial For Socialite Obert Karombe Sparks Controversy

The late Mutare-based socialite Obert Karombe‘s burial has sparked controversy after it emerged that he was buried at night.

Many were left wondering what could have caused his family to bury him ‘late’ using torches with some concluding that there might be ‘black magic’ involved.

However, Obert Karombe’s family is yet to issue a statement on the issue.

Some said, traditionally, Kings were the ones who were buried at night, not common souls.

Obert Karombe died in a car accident whilst travelling with his girlfriend last weekend.

His girlfriend who uses the name @mamagirl_aley on Instagram survived the crash but is reported to be suffering from a broken spine.

Following his death, some people sympathised with him while others suggested he used black magic.

To support the black magic argument, some used a story reported by H-Metro reported that two years ago in which a bolt of lightning struck his cattle, at his Beatrice farm, killing 15 beasts.

The incident happened at 4 pm.

Karombe is said to have disposed of the beasts by burying them.

Meanwhile, Christ Redemption Ministries International pastor Prophet Mellontik Orasi has claimed that he had seen Karombe’s death and warned him but the Mutare-based socialite ignored and mocked him saying he hangs out with real prophets.

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RUDE KIDZ# CCC 1 month ago

haa lets register to vote idzo mbinga dzisiyei dzibate mshonga lets advocate for change tiite mari dzedu dzisiri dzemushonga

chairman 2 months ago

mbinga dzirikupera wena ,RIP Obert

Dira rizare 2 months ago

ndanga ndafunga kutsiva Ginimbi

dira hako rizare shamwari

Ginimbi 2 months ago

welcome to hell young man

Chief Solola 2 months ago

@poor zimbo, unondibata kana uri serious toita kuti uwane zvese zvaunoda including but not limited to top of the range vehicles, houses in leafy surbus, money, farms, nice ladies - I mean everything you may think of. Huya tibatsirane.

poor zimbo 2 months ago

how do i join your cult Ginimbi i wanna live rich even if its for a short time , you only live once not twice


phil 2 months ago

Ukaroora kana kuita vana wakanzi nemhiko usaita unopafa futi ....chopisa manje😂😂😂

ghetto yut 2 months ago

ndezve ikoko tongoti zvaendwa life goes on

nxaaa 2 months ago

why mbinga dzacho dzisina vakadzi or vana (family inorarama navo) Patrice Motsepe first black billionaire anemukadzi ,Masiyiwa the recent Mbinga of SADC ane mhuri *why ava vafana vasina izvozvo *mishonga# kaaa iyi

phil 2 months ago

MaZimba tave kubatabata nokuda mmari.Some believe live great for short time ndomafiere embinga vemari dzokuwanda mansion mazimota embiri but no kids only girlfriends pamwe tirikurasika tisu but uummm..

passion 2 months ago

he had kids and a wife.....asiyana na Ginimbi uyo.....but I hated him .... because I didn't know him and I Didn't like him....he looked like a Satanist

parasite 2 months ago

stop practising black magic . mafiro acho ndoanorwadza. Boss Bothwell , accident, Boss G accident and now Obert gone accident kushayawo anombonzi akarwara. Team iri munodirei kungofa mega munodirei kuenda nevana vevamwe. uyu afa musana zvangofanana nekuti afa coz spanial code iyoyo ichabatsirei

super blonde 2 months ago

they is a lot to learn my friend
these guys drives super,fast cars which reaches 60miles in 7seconds
the nature of our roads is sorrowful
if u hit a pothole when u are 120miles the result wud b fatal no 2 ways abt that
ginious,obby were speeding its a fact no dispute

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Burials are carried out culturally. In our Korekore culture [Hurungwe], once a grave has been dug, but the body does not arrive that day, it will be guarded by Masahwira until the body arrives. If the body fails to come completely, it is an offence for which some people are required to pay a fine at the chief's hearing. To avoid these anomalies these days they do not start digging grave before the arrival of the coffin. It is a taboo for a body not to spend a night in its house. If it spends a night in a house in town, it shall no longer be a requirement to spend a night at his rrural home.


Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Chawabvunza uri Mukwerekwere sahwira? Kohoko nandi aBe.che rasamukadzi. Ndiri muzukuru wemuBuja. Makwerekwere nomaBuja ibhande nobhurukwa.

Kanda 2 months ago

beliefs determine what if he was a Moslem they are buried anywhere anytime

J 2 months ago

@ asalif this guy was buried at night in a coffin which resembles a car thats why ndati mamuslim dont use. coffins.

Asalif 2 months ago

Time and site of burial did he say a coffin ndosaka muchifoira

J 2 months ago

Muslims don't use coffins

obby friend 2 months ago

its jus that the grave diggers miscalculated the length of the car coffin
on burial they realised that the grave is too short for a coffin to fit in
they have to redig it stretching
to me nothing sinister abt this move

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

Surely it was a miscalculated grave size that caused a delay in burial. That car themed coffin isn't the same size as our usual coffins. DIRA RIZARE WANGU 🥃🍾

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