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Nigerian Police Arrest Four People Over Cannibalism

Nigerian Police Arrest Four People Over Cannibalism

Police in the north-western Nigerian state of Zamfara say they have arrested four people allegedly involved in cannibalism and selling human organs.

Ayuba Elkanah, the state’s commissioner of police told journalists on Thursday that the suspects were arrested after detectives found a corpse in an uncompleted building with some body parts missing.

The discovery happened during an investigation into the disappearance of a nine-year-old boy.

Mr Elkanah said the suspects, two men and two teenage boys, were arrested last week, adding that other members of the gang were being tracked down.

The police chief said investigations had revealed that the alleged ring leader had on two occasions paid the other suspects 500 000 naira ($1 200; £880) for the human parts.

Zamfara is one of the states worst hit by a wave of killings and kidnappings for ransom, with authorities facing criticism for failing to tackle the violence.

Last week, about 200 people were reportedly killed during a series of raids on several villages in the state.

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Bounty Hunter 7 months ago

Its very unfortunate I could hv asked the Zimbabwean military police to intervene but could not due to our rise in robbery cases in Zimbabwe to tackle.

Iwe neni tine basa lets fight robberies

Bright 7 months ago

Zvichasvika muno izvi mirai ka muone henyu coz why pana uncle Rob varipo zvaisaitika izvi dzokai uncle Robby tanzwa nenhamo isu kuno

Bright 7 months ago

Uncle Robert vaya vanga vakatumwa namwari vaya vakanyararidza Trump paya ku usa paya mudhra mumbegegwi pavakazonzi enda netsoka ku airport coz uncle vanga vasasa chokwadi

Ginious 7 months ago

Vaizviitaseiko uncle Rob.coz these cases of armed robbery were rare.What went wrong?

Cde Bargah 7 months ago

Ndoti zvaamo ini ukaoona Ma Fun Profitaz ese ngeye ipapa pa N....geria ndoona zvichifumuka Gorerino Mark my Shoko

My Lord have said that 🙏

Ghetto yut 7 months ago

Nxaaaa Nigerians

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