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Nigerian Man To Fly Lobola Cattle For His Zimbabwean Fiancée

Nigerian Man To Fly Lobola Cattle For His Zimbabwean Fiancée

A Nigerian man, who married a Zimbabwean woman, promised his in-laws that he will fly cattle from his home country for the payment of roora/ lobola (bride price).

Adewale Yusuf Olayiwola married his fiancée Nunurai Colleta Mudarikwa, daughter to Uzumba MP Simbaneuta Mudarikwa (ZANU PF) and his wife Verna Muromba Mudarikwa in Mutoko.

Adewale, who is from Nigeria’s Osun State Province reportedly paid at least US$10 000 cash.

Mudarikwa’s Nigerian son-in-law is in Real Estate and Logistics entrepreneurship in both Nigeria and South Africa.

He was represented by his father’s brother, Ishmael Olayiwola, two men and a woman all from Nigeria during the marriage rituals.

Speaking to H-Metro, the bride, Nunurai, expressed excitement following her marriage to Adewale. She said:

I am excited because today is my birthday and I am getting married to Adewale.

We met about five years ago through mutual friends at a friend’s house. In fact, we started off as friends and we eventually started dating.

I do not tolerate cheating and it helped me in my relationship. I do not have the emotional capacity, so I cannot stay with a cheating man, even if I get that my husband is cheating on me, I won’t stand it.

She said cultural differences made the marriage a bit of a challenge but they managed to mix the two to come up with a hybrid culture. Said Nunurai:

The only challenge that I faced is that my husband is Nigerian, so cultural differences were kind of a challenge for both families at some point.

However, we managed to have a mix of both and we ended up with our own culture.

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