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Nigerian Man (26) Puts Himself Up For Sale

Nigerian Man (26) Puts Himself Up For Sale

Islamic religious police in northern Nigeria arrested a man who put himself up for sale to escape biting poverty, a local official said on Wednesday.

Aliyu Idris, 26, was arrested on Tuesday by the morality police in Kano after pictures emerged on social media showing him holding a placard indicating he was up for auction at 20 million naira (US$49 000). Said Lawal Ibrahim Fagge, a spokesman for the religious police called Hisbah:

We arrested him for putting himself up for sale, which is illegal under Islamic law.

Fagge added that the man is in their custody and also blamed the man’s action on poverty and ignorance.

Last week Idris, a tailor from neighbouring Kaduna, went around the city last week with the placard inscribed with the sale offer. Residents posted pictures of him online, turning him into a sensation.

The young man told reporters he was “selling” himself out of “excruciating poverty” and that he intended to give half the money to his parents and two million naira to anyone who could facilitate the auction.

He had also promised to be a “loyal servant” to his buyer.

While Nigeria is regarded the second largest economy in Africa, after South Africa, some sections of society live in abject poverty at the backdrop of rampant corruption and looting by political elites.

The Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics said in 2020 that 40% or 83 million Nigerians live in poverty while the World Bank’s income poverty threshold of $3.20 per day suggests that Nigeria’s poverty rate is 71%.

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Remember mushonga 6 months ago

Its up to him those police officers they took that money and spend it already


What's that

Draco bad and bougee 6 months ago

Cheap price to pay for labour

Tonderai chinepo 6 months ago

Kkkkkk ko Kungorove ari mukadzi ndinenge ndatadzeyi, very true @ Draco

Shecks 6 months ago

Tight corner


Unruly 6 months ago


Mr Unknown 6 months ago

Kupererwa kusvka pakuzvitengesa zvinenge zvisina kumira bhoe

Tom 6 months ago

Kutengesa nhamo yake kune vamwe kkkkk

Sir 6 months ago

Kkkkk kupererwa ka uku heee kuzvitengesa

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Varume vanopererrwa nhamo inenge isati ya gugudza pamba pako kkkkkk

Chobi" 6 months ago

Kune varume vanopererwa sure..

Chapwititi 6 months ago

No food for a lazy man

Miles 6 months ago

Chakatengwa kare chinozozvitengesa how??? Takatengwa neropa rinokosha ropa raJesu Kristy. Pane zvanetsa ndinoenda kwaari ndoti lshe mati ndodii nehurombe uhu shoko rake roti ndiye anosimudza marombe kubva muguruva. Huyai vakaneta vakaremerwa anokupai zororo#Try my Jesus.0775123212 kana uchida kuziva nezvake

Redfan mashiri 6 months ago

Kupenga chaiko

MuGrade 2 6 months ago

He should buya a cash 3months he wld be sponsoring poor Nigerians

yo 6 months ago


Gogodera 6 months ago


Walter 6 months ago

Very soon I will be up for sale too

Steve 6 months ago

Me too🙄

leo 6 months ago


Manikiniki 6 months ago


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