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Nhlanhla 'Lux' Dlamini Cut Ties With Operation Dudula Movement

Nhlanhla 'Lux' Dlamini Cut Ties With Operation Dudula Movement

Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini has cut ties with the controversial Operation Dudula movement over a difference of opinion on foreign nationals in South Africa. 

The Time Live cites Dlamini saying he will now focus on his activities with Soweto Parliament and its programmes.

The split comes after the two organisations could not see eye to eye on immigration.

The difference of opinion stems from Operation Dudula wanting all foreigners to leave SA, while Soweto Parliament only wants illegal foreigners out. 

In a joint statement, the organisations said no way forward could be found and they had agreed to part ways and work independently. Read the statement:

The two organisations have resolved to deal with these issues independently (under different brands) but in a complementary manner.

Most importantly, based on the workload of these community-based operations and campaigns, the parties have agreed to allow Nhlanhla Lux to focus exclusively on Soweto Parliament and its programmes.

Operation Dudula’s stance has been criticised by many, including politicians Julius Malema and Mmusi Maimane. 

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Malema told Podcast and Chill Dlamini that Operation Dudula’s stance was rooted in self-hate. He said:

Black people are not loved all over the world. And for a black person to hate another black person who is hated all over the world, what is that?

Criminals, let’s deal with them. I have no time for thugs. I do not tolerate thugs, but I am not going to beat up a person because he is dark and ugly in my eyes.

One SA Movement leader Maimane said the operation was a “dangerous distraction that solves nothing”. He said:

Operation Dudula is hating on fellow Africans and I have a problem with that.

He also criticised Dlamini saying he was not a revolutionary, “not a visionary, and your whole brand is built on hate. Your operation is a dangerous distraction that solves nothing.”

Previously, ANC Veterans’ League president Snuki Zikalala said Operation Dudula was “dangerous” and suggested it was exploiting the unemployed.

He said protesters must go to school and get skills instead of harassing foreign nationals.

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Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

Malema's idea is very unique. what abt Chamisa's idea is to fix his friends,relatives n citizens of Zimbabwe remove sanctions go n copy Malema's politics n policy in South Africa it's simple no tym to sweat as compared to yours you are a toddler to rule this country ,you have to go to school of politics not just mamering lyk munhu arumwa musuri nemhamhasi

Replier 3 weeks ago

There is no individual who can unilaterally remove sanctions against Zim, not even the US president or EU president they feed you with poison on ZBC even Chamisa or the late Tsvangirai cannot influence US or European Union foreign policy.

Ghost protocol 3 weeks ago

In our Zanupf we have rapists and murderers who go around killing fellow black pple ,,,,bhora msango ma ma comrades .

Job Sikhala 3 weeks ago

in our party CCC we have prostitutes eg fadzayi Mahere who destroy other women's relationship mwari vabatsirei ndivo vakaimvwa naDhuterere kuti kune vakadzi vakamiririra kupunza misha yemamwe madzima

Ghost protocol 3 weeks ago

I Kno 1 thing for shoo Bhora msango has worked before and it will win nextyear until u recognize us watch and learn .2008 is back with a bang mdala Bobo vakarumwa varipamwena wema juru tosangana pa box ndopamuchaneta .Why should we vote munhu anodya ega ne vanhu vasina kurwa Hondo passion Gava ,Scott mgido ,Chivhayo and Tagwirei .Takaend3ra moza kuti tidye tese bhora msango ma comrades uko neuko chati pwaaaaaaaaa yatinhira Zimbabwe

Ghost protocol 3 weeks ago


Ghost code 3 weeks ago

I agree with fellow country man 💯 👊


Cde Naked 3 weeks ago

@Mr Politician what is so great about this country zvauri kutaura kuti Chamisa is a toddler to rule this country? What is so special about it? We just want change. Kana wakambofeva ukashandisa **** ukatunder unorishandisa futi here or unotora rimwe wopfeka? Manje Chamisa haasi rimwe **** tinenge tonakirwa saka inenge yava **** baba.

Hameno 3 weeks ago

zveshuwa illegal immigrants need to leave south Africa because they are the ones doing crime there! anyone who enters and lives in another country without a passport and passing through immigration is a criminal who has to be arrested and deported

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Zimbabweans should not wait for SA to tell them next year there are elections, come home and vote for a government of choice then go back like you do on exams...

Ghost protocol 2 weeks ago

I foresee a good year 😊 happy new year and many more years of experience in Good times ahead with this zimbabwe.Bhora musango chaiko kana zvaramba apa vanhu toita zvimwe .Asinga goni ndiyani tobatana pa box taurisai henyu . Tarirai msangano wafa Makati kuzuzu we will not allow the truth to be troden bcz of 1 group.Pipotai pama media ASI ndopika nevari Chimoio tosangana pa box .Imi makangwara kaaaaa .

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