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NHAWUZ Backs Striking Teachers

NHAWUZ Backs Striking Teachers

The National Health and Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe (NHAWUZ) has expressed support for teachers who have not been reporting for duty since schools reopened last Monday citing incapacitation.

The Government responded by effecting a blanket three-month suspension without pay on all the absentee teachers.

In a statement on Tuesday, NHAWUZ criticised the unilateral action by the Government, arguing that it has no place “in a well-developed democracy”. NHAWUZ said:

We support Social dialogue and collective bargaining through trade unionism and we want to see constructive relationships between the government of Zimbabwe and teachers.

This kind of relationship has proved its high value in many countries, both in times of economic growth and during a crisis.

In spite of attempts to demonize Zimbabwe’s public sector (through the Public Service debate, for instance), the problem of the irresponsibility of the banking sector, the unfairness of those paying for the reckless, corrupt and greediness of a few political elites is very much difficult to align with neoliberal conventions.

This logic of injustice and unfairness has to reawaken politics and galvanize actions that governments dismiss at their own peril.

On Wednesday, the Zimbabwe Public Service Commission (PSC) gave all teachers, deputy heads and heads of schools until Tuesday 22 February 2022 to report for duty.

The PSC said that teachers who have either not reported for duty or are reporting for duty but not teaching will be deemed to have resigned if they ignore the 22nd of February deadline.

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Gangster 5 months ago

rambai makatsika chepakati

marabha 5 months ago

ani wauri kureva teachers here or government

Ginimbi 5 months ago

I support the teachers, this new dispensation is worse than the later

TK 5 months ago

Yes I support e motive ,but are you looking at all angles ,Just imagine someone is earning 14 thousand rtgs as per commercial workers union monthly wage ,and that he voice his corcern and being fired immediately. What do l buy using 14thousand ,l have children ,who want to eat ,cloth,go to school, transport , myself what ,e wife ,.where is e gvt ,e industrial workers union representative ,whilst e companies are looting billions ,taking advantage of e incompetence of e gvt ,investing out of e country ,why why ,no one have never said anything corncening industrial workers ,are e cervil servants ,e only w children ,where is e gvt ,are e unions banned .show much is 14rtgs

TK 5 months ago

There is every reason to ask for change ,of gvt

Fuza madhingori 5 months ago

Rambai makadzvanya coz ndokuti mamwe sectors akwidzewo masalary coz 9000rtgs ain't a thing apa uchienda kumba musana wabhenda .

Kumasoja mateacher ariko 5 months ago

Fut fut


Umm 5 months ago

Bull**** government

Tkt 5 months ago

I think now this is HIGH-TIME all Trade Unions partner these teacher Unions!

Zimbabwe Congress for Trade Unions ZCTU must now take its rightful course, DECLARE a NATION-WIDE STRIKE yess its only ZCTU that can but they cant without,the numbers

ZCTU please may you SHUTDOWN everything bcoz everyone is taking workers for Granted

TK 5 months ago

My corncen, have we any gvt where is it gone,for holiday,pickinc ,.The funny part of it vote me ,!! Thats nonsense.

S 5 months ago

ZCTU yema zuva ano hainyatso ita zvaiita Tsvangison achitungamira ma workers. Yakaitwa take over ne ZANU.

Moses gano 5 months ago

Umm mari yacho haichaiti guys ,rambai makadzwanya

ns 5 months ago

people dnt eat threats suspension and resignation things in zim so

gft 5 months ago

Hatisisina gvt muno bcoz ndiyo yatova number one kukwidza zvinhu apa voramba kukwidza salaries, chokwadi vanhu vatambura apa threats chete throughout

teacher 5 months ago

that's a positive mentality

kalo 5 months ago

mari iripo mtuvi arikuita economics dzemubhuku but it will not work

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