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Ngedwa "Kakatowanda" Mpako Dreams To Be The Next Cristiano Ronaldo


Ngedwa Mpako, a six-year-old boy from Mbare has become a social media sensation following his KAKATOWANDA! (Many times) comment when asked about instances Lionel Messi scored a goal outside the box.

The Herald’s Sharuko says Ngedwa, a Grade One pupil at Nharira Primary School is a football-crazy boy, both as a player and a spectator.

Ngedwa is a devoted fan of Cristiano Ronaldo.

And, in his world, powered by both the innocence of his youth, the beauty of imagination and the poison of bias, Lionel Messi is not a great football star.

In a video circulating on social media, he is seen rolling his eyes, and tilting his head to a certain angle, to hammer home the point that Messi used to score, from almost halfway down the pitch, during his days at Barca.

His friend thought he had just thrown in the joker, to dismiss his praise of Ronaldo scoring from outside the box, by suggesting Messi used to even score from the halfway point of the field.

But, Ngedwa had a response, saying those were the days of a bygone era when the Argentine superstar used to play for Barca.

And, for good measure, he reminded his friend, that it’s something Messi used to do with amazing regularity and, as they say, it in Shona, “KAKATOWANDA”.

Maybe, in more ways than one, little Ngedwa sees a lot of similarities between Cristiano Ronaldo and himself, which explains why he is so crazy about the Portuguese superstar.

But, Ngedwa has a dream.

Ngedwa’s passion to excel in football has already seen him join an academy in his neighbourhood even though his frame suggests he could if he succeeds, become someone closer to Kante than Ronaldo.

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bhora bhora mbare 1 month ago

i liked this boy from the time i met his video circulating,had very bad news that Passion Java promused scholarship for this boy till he wrote grade 7

pJ please fullfill the mpromise you have to Love your fellow brother nguva nemukana zvinopera

Dr Celeb 1 month ago

hapana chinhu apa dzungu chetee...mxxm

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Mangoti munzi mataurawo ka katori nechipo kamupfanha aka

Phillip Mutambi 1 month ago

Kkkkk junior vanoda bhora manje i hope someone will help him up the ladders but as things are at Zifa village the talent will go to pomona dumpsite kkkk

1 month ago

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Hapana bhora raanoziva mpfana uyu, vanoziva bhora chaivo vanoketa kuti Messi chibaba

Jack Bauer 1 month ago

Haatombode kana kunzwa nezva Messi 😂😂😂


gaddafi 1 month ago

munhu akasafarira messi hazvirevi haazivi bora kah,kamufanha ako kanoketa its only that environment yaari ndooinomurasisa,i wish if that mfanha was not from zim,bcoz the curse started the moment he was made by zimbabwean parents wes from.mbare ummm shaaaaaame,given the chance this mfanha got everything it takes to excel

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