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Newly Married Woman Loses Leg In Crocodile Attack

Newly Married Woman Loses Leg In Crocodile Attack

A newly married woman from Mberengwa lost her right leg after she was attacked by a crocodile while fetching water at Mazwi Dam on Friday last week.

According to ZBC News, the woman was about to return home when she was attacked by the vicious reptile.

Her husband’s younger sister ran to inform the husband who was ploughing the fields.

He rushed to the dam and used a log to strike the crocodile which then let go of its victim but not before it chopped off her leg just below the knee.

The woman was quickly taken to Musume Mission hospital some 25 kilometres away where she is currently receiving treatment.

The community is now appealing for financial assistance to cover the woman’s medical bills.

The incident is the second crocodile attack in as many months after a teenager was attacked at the same dam.

Villagers are now living in fear of the crocodiles which have attacked livestock.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said 70 people were killed by wild animals across the country this year as cases of human-wildlife conflicts rise.

Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said the escalation of human-wildlife conflicts is caused by the growing population of both humans and animal species.

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Jonh Wick 5 months ago

If we drill more boreholes how can someone be attacked by a crocodile on a borehole premitive life let's modirnise

Chief Murinye 5 months ago

Zimparks basa renyu ndereyi . Endai munouraya makarwe ese uko . MP nanhasi ukunwisa vanhu dam water itai serious muise ma borehole . 1 D4D inoisa more boreholes mu MBERENGWA

Doroguru 5 months ago

Ndekwa the late Hon. Allum Mpofu ka uku🙆🏽‍♂️

Baba Kyle 5 months ago

Pindula z awesome

Kanda 5 months ago

That constituency ine mhepo dzekuwana macorrupt M.P all the time and vachitonga nebvumo saChaka it's an opposition no go area that is why it is under-developed

Kanda 5 months ago

So sad ana Biggie Matiza vaitadza kuita maborehole vachidya Mari dzeC.D.F

Pala 5 months ago

Nhai cde,va Matiza vanokwana papi panyaya iyi


Chad 5 months ago

Very true

Chad 5 months ago

Very true

ambassador 5 months ago

Who is the MP of that constituency? In my opinion, that area need more boreholes.this is no longer the time for the people to rely on water from dams for consumption..use devolution funds to drill more boreholes

Truth 5 months ago

Hakuna MP ,he died soon after he was elected.They kill each other for that post

Zimbo 5 months ago

MP ngaabaye kumba kana achitadza kugadzirisa zvinhu zvidiki diki sekuisa ma borehole. Unoona munhu achimhanyira ku parliament akapfeka suit nyowani achiburuka mu V8 ine ma plastic pama seats asi zvimbo yacho yaakabata isina kana development inemusoro irikuitwa. Hatisisina nguva yekutambisa mazuvano

Mai muku 5 months ago


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