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NEW: Zimbabwe Transformative Party Formed

NEW: Zimbabwe Transformative Party Formed

A new political party which uses the name Zimbabwe Transformative Party has been formed in Zimbabwe.

The launch of the party was held in Harare this Thursday. The party said:

We are not a puppet of the West, as some would like to accuse others of, neither are we of the East, to whom the accusers would like to incline, but we are a puppet of God, and in God we do believe.

Our slogan

Baba: Ndimi muchatimiririra kupinda mu Canaan. Asi chivimbiso chatitambudza.

Nkosi: Nguwe ozasimela ekungeneni kwethu e Canaan. Kodwa isithembiso sakho sesisihlupha.

Kanda vote yako: Pamuchinjikwa ipapo. Pamupostori ipapo. Pagemenzi ipapo.

Phosa i vote yakho: Esiphambanweni khonapho. Kumpostoli khonapho. Kugemesi khonapho.

What we stand for

  • A leadership in Government that is driven by the fear of the Lord.
  • A commitment to economic recovery and the betterment of the living standards of Zimbabwe’s citizenry.
  • Accountability of the Government about its revenue and expenditure, including, but not limited to, mineral revenue.
  • General accountability of the Government to the electorate.
  • Observation of the rule of law by the Government.
  • Observation of property rights by the Government.
  • A commitment to the upholding of human rights as enshrined in sections 44 to 87 of our Constitution.
  • Taming corruption in deed and in word.
  • Political tolerance to divergent views and constructive criticism and being open to reason, knowing quite well that correct ideas come from the people and that no one has a monopoly of knowledge.
  • Depolarization of Zimbabwe’s citizenry and her political landscape.
  • Infrastructural development, both soft and hard infrastructure; that includes the rehabilitation of our road networks.
  • Improving the country’s health delivery system.
  • Improving and steadying the country’s supply of energy.
  • Improving the country’s education system.
  • In summary, we are here to implement transformative or life-changing approaches to the system of governance. Changes that are lasting; changes that are marked; changes that eventually lead to individual, social, religious and economic systems to re-vision and introspect themselves.

The party says the late former president Robert Mugabe was not the Zimbabwean problem, “but the whole system of political governance, of which he was party to.”

If he alone was the problem, then by removing him, we could definitely have solved the problem, and by now we should have been flying on planet Mars. The party president Parere Kunyenzura adds:

Nobody can save Zimbabweans from their predicament altogether. Absolutely no one, except the Lord Almighty! God is the only one hope remaining. He is that one hope that has never failed to save humanity in its entire history. Under such trying times, Zimbabweans have never ceased crying to God their Maker.

Many political parties have been formed in Zimbabwe with some analysts saying they are ZANU PF puppets formed to divide the urban vote. Some say they are being funded by Western powers to destabilise the ZANU PF regime.

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