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New Registry Building Develops Cracks Before Completion

New Registry Building Develops Cracks Before Completion

The uncompleted Civil Registry Department building in Harare has become a danger to employees and visitors as it has developed cracks in some places.

The construction of the building started in 1997 and it was set to be commissioned in the year 2000 but is yet to be completed due to a lack of funds. Said Dzimati:

This was revealed by the Director of Public Works in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, Mike Dzimati, on Monday.

He was speaking during a hearing on the state of government-funded projects around the country by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs Monday. Said Dzimati:

The building construction commenced in 1997 but we have had challenges. The building has water leakages; the elevators do not function; it has cracks and we are worried about the safety of employees.

We want to complete the project. The construction of the building should have been completed by May 2000. Energy Private Company was contacted to do the work in a fix and supply agreement.

Due to delays in funds disbursement, the physical structure of the building was completed in 2003 but due to material price escalation, material shortages and brain drain, the project stalled between 2004 and 2008.

The government underfunded the project which initially was overpriced to US$23 million but was reduced to US$4 million, then revised to US$9,6 million after negotiations with the contractor.

Delays by the Treasury in making payments led to more delays in the completion of the physical structure.

This was worsened by a lack of trust in contractors who refused to use their own resources to fund the project.

The building has no certificate of occupation or commission.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs chairperson, who is also Umzingwane legislator, Levi Mayihlome (ZANU PF), urged the government to do projects that can be funded.


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