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New Registry Building Develops Cracks Before Completion

New Registry Building Develops Cracks Before Completion

The uncompleted Civil Registry Department building in Harare has become a danger to employees and visitors as it has developed cracks in some places.

The construction of the building started in 1997 and it was set to be commissioned in the year 2000 but is yet to be completed due to a lack of funds. Said Dzimati:

This was revealed by the Director of Public Works in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, Mike Dzimati, on Monday.

He was speaking during a hearing on the state of government-funded projects around the country by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs Monday. Said Dzimati:

The building construction commenced in 1997 but we have had challenges. The building has water leakages; the elevators do not function; it has cracks and we are worried about the safety of employees.

We want to complete the project. The construction of the building should have been completed by May 2000. Energy Private Company was contacted to do the work in a fix and supply agreement.

Due to delays in funds disbursement, the physical structure of the building was completed in 2003 but due to material price escalation, material shortages and brain drain, the project stalled between 2004 and 2008.

The government underfunded the project which initially was overpriced to US$23 million but was reduced to US$4 million, then revised to US$9,6 million after negotiations with the contractor.

Delays by the Treasury in making payments led to more delays in the completion of the physical structure.

This was worsened by a lack of trust in contractors who refused to use their own resources to fund the project.

The building has no certificate of occupation or commission.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Home Affairs chairperson, who is also Umzingwane legislator, Levi Mayihlome (ZANU PF), urged the government to do projects that can be funded.


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ery 1 month ago

[4/13, 8:39 AM] : Welldone but ndivhunzewo vanhu imi whats the point of sitting for 18 to 20 ordinary levels covering,Arts,commercial,sciences,practicals ,Sports yet u at A level u jus need at least 3 subjects from any of the above,uku kuPoland varikuti we enrol for 2 Alevel points to study at any of our highly recognised varsities
[4/13, 8:41 AM] ShumbaSA#: Kudya kuzviwana mkoma kana njere dziripo hapana chakaipa nokuti ndicho chikonzero muchiona vanhu vachizoita ma degree akasiyanasiyana .Zvakangoshata chete kana njere dzichiremerwa
[4/13, 8:42 AM] : Aaaaa
[4/13, 8:43 AM] ShumbaSA#: Srs umwe akapiwa 3 subjects anofoira wani saka uyo aita 20 odzosera ese bhooo wani history or record chairo zvinokosha mu life
[4/13, 8:43 AM] Umwe akushaya exam fee yekunnyora 6olevels umwe akunyora 20 subjects ha ha hupenyu haufanani weee
[4/13, 8:44 AM] +263 77 806 5350: Our education system needs a complete overhaul
[4/13, 8:44 AM] ShumbaSA#: Mumwe anoenda kunorasa marara ne Range rover umwe achiend kuchipatara nebhara wani😀😀😀😀
[4/13, 8:47 AM] +263 77 915 9895: True
[4/13, 8:48 AM] : Very correct mazango in developed worlds vanoita inonz talent search at a tender age if your strength is on ART/drawing u enroll for ART industry,if u are into sport unoenda kuSport academy wonobikwa ,ndipo paunonzwa kuti a under 16 akuwana 40000 pounds per week,if ubare academically gifted in sciences they do the same exposing you to engineering fields vafana as young as 12 vakugadzira maDrones kuChina uko,iwo maKeyless car ignition ,nemaremote car locking,alarms zvirikugadzirwa nema 15years kuJapan uku,they dont attempt 20subjects ,they specially under talent search recommendations they are good to go
[4/13, 8:50 AM] +263 77 915 9895: Anopedzsra aita teacher munhu uyo, famous Maud Chifamba is a mere accountant😉
[4/13, 8:51 AM] : Typical R Mugabe calibre 45degrees inclusing economics ,finance,politics but his native country was and still on knees azvishandiba weeeeee
[4/13, 8:51 AM] #HC#: Dambudzo marechere is the one
[4/13, 8:56 AM] +263 77 371 8171: In short kuda zanu pf kut vamwe vatambure.....
[4/13, 8:57 AM] +263 77 371 8171: Hw
[4/13, 8:57 AM] +263 77 419 5777: Thus why New curriculum invented in Zimbabwe to try to open people mind that things are doing for innovation not for ambitious to develop yourself and the world you live.but we don't have that culture here, people done things for ambitious through their prestige.we looking and seeing most people to be innovation their talent proven outside by other nations.
[4/13, 9:00 AM] : Poland ikuda 2Alevel maE symbols maviri wotoita Degree ,izvo zvema 30points izvo mkulacker good carrier guidance apa Shona yaakaita A achazoyitisei,ko Highjump iyo Physical education anozoishandisei HANZI NAMAZANGO OVERHAULING THE SYSTEM 🤣🤣🤣
[4/13, 9:07 AM] +263 77 419 5777: True it's about making a valuable product not to just do untouchable things
[4/13, 9:17 AM] : Crucial points raised sir ! so what's the way forward coz as we speak Civil engineer wepa NUST or UZ anokuudza kuti atina approval yekuvaka paWet land but kuDubai hotels are being built right in the sea YES kuvakira mumvura ma commercial buildings & can stay for years withstanding all water body waves & forces
[4/13, 9:17 AM] +263 77 419 5777: Yayaya if all Zimbabweans think so,we now have a better nation without condemn other for sanction🙂🙂🙂🙂
[4/13, 9:20 AM] +263 77 806 5350: It's a political problem that requires a political solution, because politics control everything
[4/13, 9:22 AM] +263 77 806 5350: For example if the parliament was sat by sound business people we wouldn't be discussing this today but we have politicians some without business sense leading vital positions making the wrong or right decisions to everyone's detriment
[4/13, 9:23 AM] +263 77 102 6028: They will need the same foreigners they are chasing away from South Africa to help them rebuild their infrastructure
[4/13, 9:25 AM] +263 77 806 5350: I personally feel that the economy should never be placed in the hands of politicians, we need independent economists to run the economy because politicians are there to protect themselves and their interests
[4/13, 9:25 AM] +263 77 102 6028: N2 Highway destroyed and turned into a Valley
[4/13, 9:26 AM] +263 77 264 5368: You can't separate politics and the economy, they work together comrade, if one fails the other can't thrive
[4/13, 9:26 AM] +263 77 806 5350: Definitely but these two can have an administrative demarcation
[4/13, 9:27 AM] +263 77 419 5777: Yayayah that is true
[4/13, 9:27 AM] +263 77 806 5350: like how Britain is run, Queen focuses on the monarch and PM works with the economists
[4/13, 9:28 AM] : Maths
Science and technology
ICT,Guidance and couselling
FAREME,Physical Education,
VPA thus Curriculum had brought this haasiwo here ma20subjects angodzoka nerimwe zita ayo this is Primary level ikusunda zvese izvoo
[4/13, 9:29 AM] #: @⁨🛩️Amacore Aviation⁩ analise this as well this is primary staff haasiwo ma15 subjects primary,20subjects O level,at the end 2 Alevel passes are needed to enrol for a Degress
[4/13, 9:31 AM] +263 77 419 5777: It's need separate for now
[4/13, 9:31 AM] +263 77 419 5777: 😜😜 Yaya primary level base
[4/13, 9:31 AM] : I ddnt typed all courses kune mamwe andatosiya
[4/13, 9:32 AM] +263 77 264 5368: The problem is that politicians don't believe they are ruling as long as they don't hv control of the economy and finances, they will keep making decisions not the best for the economy but with one eye on getting reelected even if its detrimental to the economy
[4/13, 9:32 AM] +263 77 806 5350: yes its called #KeepThemBusy 😂
[4/13, 9:33 AM] : *Crame pass & forget system* ,they is life after academics ,that life after academic is the one which defines you,kwatakabva akuna basa

Da Truth 1 month ago

Masvingo city centre road huyai miuone mashura chaiwo unofanira ku Naya kamwe mvura road yose inoenda chete poorest quality road work in sub Sahara vana be ECD ndivo vanoita road work yakadero from MUcheke stadium to Runyararo west the road is already deteriorating potholes and side pillage is already noticed and visible along the road
. CAN someone tell me who are the owners of these armatures learning to construct national roads someone tell me pliz .Varume ngavaende kumusha vanodzodza kuisa Tara . Nextyear timotoda imwe Mari zve ye patching .🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🇿🇼🤔🤔

Chen 1 month ago

Nhau yekupa ana mukoma matender without the tender procurement procedure inonetsa. Munhu anoita nezvemombe (cattle breeding) anotongonzi huyai mwana wamai pagap ramuka tivake. Look at our roads don't don't last even a month after refurbishment.

selectorman 1 month ago

basket raTizirai uku rinorukwa,uku rinorudunuka. chabuda hapana

Warthog 1 month ago

Ma buildings akasiya akavakwa nevarungu, apa vakava dzinga....nxaaa poor government, poor management devastating our land....come 2023 Chamisa apinde so we destroy Great Zimbabwe ñ build houses kk

kyiv 1 month ago

hapana kwatirikuenda😠

Project Dudula 1 month ago

Pane akadya cement


Engineer 1 month ago

The building needs to be tested structural integrity and resection

Mutadza 1 month ago


Bright 1 month ago

heyyy 1997 chivakwa chine basa kdaro ummmm vakomana ka

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